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Will RoboApe Be Able To Replicate Ethereum’s Crypto Success? – The Jerusalem Post

The popularity of Ethereum (ETH) in the last seven years symbolizes the privileged rise of cryptocurrency and its mainstream adoption. With RoboApe (RBA) set to revolutionize the crypto market with one-of-its-kind features, experts view it as having the potential to replicate Ethereum’s successful run. Many even predict that RBA, which shares Ethereum blockchain, will attract greater investor preference and surpass the second-most-valued cryptocurrency.

The innovative blockchain, wide-open network, and planned protocol upgrades make ETH the second-sought-after crypto token after the matured Bitcoin. It withstood the 2016 DAO hacking incident and emerged stronger thanks to the strong community support behind it. Over the years, many new blockchain-based platforms, such as Cardano, Solana, and Avalanche, have come up to challenge Ethereum’s dominance. However, these “Ethereum killers” continue to lag far behind in garnering a robust market value enough to surpass the preference for ETH.

But with the unveiling of RoboApe, ETH is likely to face its strongest challenger. Even though RoboApe shares the same blockchain with Ethereum, its novel offerings have made RBA the most eye-catching buzzword in the crypto community.

The Ethereum Power House

Despite its recent fall in the crypto market, ETH continues to hold the rank of the second-most-valuable cryptocurrency. When introduced in 2015, Ethereum was a showcase of blockchain technology, which is empowered to execute smart contracts while allowing decentralized payment and storage. The open-source platform soon turned out to be the springboard to facilitate many new cryptocurrencies sharing its blockchain technology.

ETH is different from Bitcoin in many aspects. Transactions on Bitcoin only keep notes, but executable codes on the Ethereum platform allow more functionalities. Users can create and execute smart contracts on Ethereum using different programming languages. It offers a 15-second block time but has no block limit.

Ethereum is going to launch Merge, which will bring a generation upgrade to blockchain technology. The transition to a proof-of-stake protocol could be a more rewarding experience for investors reinforcing ETH’s popularity.

Credit: PRCredit: PR

RoboApe Offers Much More Than Any Cryptocurrency

While ETH remains an excellent investment, RBA is set to give investors a next-level, value-laden experience. The latter has the potential to change the crypto world with an altogether different engagement and user-focused advantage. RoboApe is the only crypto platform to focus on engaging users and empowering them to have optimum use of blockchain’s distributive functions. The aim is to create a crypto community and enrich it with a host of associated services using this space.

Simultaneously, RoboApe is designed to make sure individual profits remain steady and upward. RBA incorporates many deflationary features. First, the platform is going to introduce only 900 million tokens, including 270 million during presales. Secondly, the burning system allows a progressive reduction and this pushes up the worth of circulated RBA tokens. Thirdly, community engagement, rewards, and crypto business support through RoboApe Academy bring in more users and offer them added value with stakes acquired.

RoboApe makes an attempt to integrate meme culture with NFT to make the blockchain platform more rewarding for users. There are provisions for esports, games, and the hosting of private events that aid in financial earning, promotion, advertisement, and development. RBA’s presale value stands at $0.0009 and the RoboApe telegram channel provides an early insight into its future ascension plans. An acceleration phase will follow up the presales. This is going to have a swap system, where investors may exchange other crypto holdings for RBA. It will also allow RoboApe users to have staking revenues and print NFT via RBA. They can sell NFTs in a dedicated virtual marketplace and earn more.

RoboApe features are now the most-talked-about in the crypto market. Despite a downturn this year, crypto experts pin high hopes on RBA to regain the confidence of investors with its value-added innovations. You must not miss out on RoboApe presales to make the most of its low cost of entry.

Presale: https://ape.roboape.io/register 

Website: http://roboape.io/ 


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