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Why Conservative Programming? – KHTS Radio

in Editorials, Santa Clarita Latest News September 8, 2022 – 10:00 am 24 Comments 1,937 Views
While most of our KHTS listeners are extremely supportive of our switch to conservative programming, a few are not understanding our decision. We’d like to clarify.
This past year we added three new daily national programs, Dana Loesch, Charlie Kirk and Bill O’Reilly. At night we continue to carry William S. Hart School Board President, Joe Messina with his national program. Our daily morning show with Tori and Kyle continues to be filled with local information and is non-political.
We pride ourselves in continuing to deliver the local news without any political slant or bias (except stories clearly marked as editorials). While some may choose to no longer listen to KHTS’s on-air programming we hope you stay in touch with the important news of our valley by reading our website www.hometownstation.com or signing up for our free daily email newsletter.
We switched to our current programming when we became disheartened as all the mainstream and social media companies shifted from their liberal slant to total bias after Trump became our President.
At that time, we were a CNN radio news affiliate, which we had been since 1990. At the start of his administration, President Trump took an historic journey to the Middle East. His trip laid the foundation for moving our American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and the beginning of a dialogue for what would eventually become the Abraham Accords. Up until then, KHTS aired CNN radio news twice an hour.
Throughout the week Trump was in the Middle East, CNN never once mentioned his extraordinary visit. Instead, hour after hour CNN focused on Trump’s first impeachment trial. There wasn’t even a lopsided balance, just crickets. The following week we wrote an editorial critical of the media for not sharing the positive policies of Trump and only highlighting the negative.
A few listeners were so upset, they attempted to form a boycott of our local advertisers. Even a childhood friend who never set foot in Santa Clarita joined in with the few extreme protesters. We experienced their wrath even before we began leaning conservative.
Since that time, we’ve had a few of our social media posts and YouTube videos featuring interviews banned. As we continue to monitor CNN, MSNBC, The Los Angele Times, New York Times and Washington Post we find only one narrative from them. There isn’t even an attempt for balance.
In this “misinformation” age it is critical to hear and read different opinions. People exposed to just one narrative, whether it’s MSNBC on the left or FOX on the right will be missing important facts that allow for taking a stand on an issue in an informed manner instead of simply “drinking the Kool-Aid”. We need to open dialogue with each other again and “agree to disagree.” That’s the beauty of what our Founding Father’s envisioned when they created the foundation of this country.
We are a small local business, owned solely by my wife, Jeri Seratti Goldman and I for the past 33 years. We will continue to deliver unbiased local news and serve as a vital source of local information for the Santa Clarita Valley. We hope we are one of many sources you use to stay informed.

Do you have a news tip? Call us at (661) 298-1220, or send an email to news@hometownstation.com. Don’t miss a thing. Get breaking KHTS Santa Clarita News Alerts delivered right to your inbox. Report a typo or error, email Corrections@hometownstation.com

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You drank the Kool-Aide. Your excuses are as disingenuous as they are lame. Umm continue to “bring unbiased local news.” Remind me when you began.
Typical liberal, Alice, you just can’t stand that their are opinions other than your own. If the Democrats announced they were going to have Soviet-style gulags you would not only applaud, you would apply to be a guard to wield the whip yourself.
High crime, high inflation, the war in Ukraine, the disaster in Afghanistan, an unreliable power grid, drug overdoses, depression, and suicide at an all-time high. This is just some of the damage you Democrats have wreaked upon our country. And what exactly are your complaints about Donald Trump? Mean tweets? Imaginary racism? Balance that against a stable world, $3.50 gas and 2% inflation and I think we can all see which party is the road to ruin- and you are their local cheerleader.
Thank you, Goldman Family, for providing the lone voice in the wilderness of liberal propaganda. You are a shining example of how journalism used to be, of how it should be, and a lot of people love you for it.
When The Signal went behind a paywall I was done with them forever. But if you were forced to do the same I would be your first subscriber, so greatly do I value your contributions to the SCV.
Alice-does this mean you’ll go and post somewhere else when you feel the urge to be an uneducated shrew and try to make everyone other than yourself miserable?
Touched a nerve did I? Let me as you a question, do you label all educated women “shrews,” or do you consider only the passive quiet type to be non-threatening to your obviously fragile ego? Suck it up, buttercup.
Living rent free in your tiny little brain, you petty little man.
Thank you for your efforts to present the news and for fighting against an industry that has lost its mind and lost its way.
A free press is vital to the preservation of this country and its founding values, and your efforts to provide an opposing voice to our ideologically beholden press is appreciated.
Trump provided the material for the criticism he got during his presidency. I think he enjoyed the attention. Many of us were discouraged and embarrassed. He is an immoral person who didn’t consider himself to be the president to all of us, just people who agreed with him and fed his ego. He turned Americans against other Americans.
Obama lit the fuse……
Love how all you MAGA Republicans, Conservatives, White Nationalists, Religious Extremists, Semi-Fascists, contort yourselves trying to defend Trump. The man is unworthy of the office. He is clearly a self-serving, narcissistic, treasonous pathological liar. But sure, go ahead and hitch your wagon to this disgraced twice impeached LOSER. History will judge him and you fools and it won’t be kind. Deservedly so.
Obama lit the fuse? Right because his 8 years in office were scandal FREE, not one single member of his administration was ever indicted, imprisoned or pardoned for crimes against the American people. He inspired millions by personifying the true American dream and led our nation with class, decency, intelligence, diplomacy and empathy as president.
If you don’t do anything there are no scandals…
Trump clearly has influence over many people. He could have done better, but he didn’t have the qualifications or the personality for the job. So he instead caused chaos to feel powerful.
Wonderfully said Thank Hou!
Carl & Jeri, you have always been champions for all citizens of the Santa Clarita Valley. The personal sacrifices you two have made to help build our community is admirable and appreciated by many, including me. Your editorial is right on the mark, Carl. It’s honest and forthright. Keep up the great work you do.
FINALLY someone in the media called the leftist out. CNN, MSNBC, ABC,CBS,NPR reporters are 10000% against Trump, why? Look at the View, disgusting woman that shit all over Republicans, why….Remember how the boarder was covered when Trump was trying to secure it, AOC was fake crying photo shoot, now the Democrats won’t even touch Biden because of his Open Boarder policy. Watch both fox, cnn & MSNBC and you’ll see the true hate for our Nation from these Democrats news networks. Fox at least has Democrats guest on. Good job Carl
I can’t say Thank You enough. We need the days when the nightly news was just that, the news, not the reporters opinion, but the facts. It’s the only way to be truly informed.
Thank you! I think I’ll start listening now as well has reading your website!
“Trump provided the material for the criticism“ WRONG!
hillary colluded with the Russians to create the total fictional dossier on President Trump. Then fed the dossier to the Fake News. When the Fake News reported on the report hillary and all the democrats said “look what the Fake News reported”, it must be true. This is how democrats manipulate the uninformed voter.
President Trump said “peacefully protest” and he is the problem while democrats support false narratives that directly lead to riots and no problems, Fake News starts the cover up.
Furthermore when FBI announced they knew the dossier was fake and payed for by the Clinton campaign the media was quiet.
What the Swamp hates most is President Trump was not one of them scratching each other’s backs. He just got things done.
Back away away from Main Street media including CNN, MSNBC, and Fox. Stop hating based on the letter behind the name. Start looking for journalism, not found in the Fake News, with citations to actual sources.
I applaud KHTS for putting views opposed by mainstream media even if I don’t always agree. Thank you KHTS!
Carl, why did you feel compelled to take a political slant at all? By doing so you are just becoming part of the problem and not offering a solution. I certainly understand you wanting to distance yourself from CNN but please don’t tell me that there is a void of conservative media already flooding the airwaves… FOX, OAN, Newsmax etc. Here’s a novel concept… how about reporting the news without a political slant? Most people I know are craving for news with non-biased, non-political reporting. The closest I can find is PBS. You’ve simply become another partisan hack, no better than CNN or MSNBC or any of the ridiculous voices that you are now giving airtime to. Congratulations.
Thank you Goldmans’
Carl & Jeri, Thank you for having the intelligence, high moral fiber and honesty to bring a balanced approach to media.This is something that has been sorely missing for the past 30 some years as we have watched the death of unbiased Journalism. I have watched with concern and fear as our once Democratic Republic has shifted from a Democracy to one of a single party Fascist government where anyone who disagrees or has an opposing opinion or viewpoint is Evil. The Liberals have destroyed the once great Democratic Party and the Republican Party lacking strength. Politicians have shifted from being servants of the people to self serving privileged royalty serving only their own interests or the interests of those who pay to play. Thank you for taking the stance to bring back credibility in Journalism.
Alice your stupidity and hate
Showing your true Marxist BS.
Claiming you’re Intelligent woman? – absolutely not.
Your hate says more
About you than anyone else.
Ann and Alice, spot on. We’ll said, well put. And sadly true. Never before has this generation seen such division and it all started because of Donald Trump, his actions, hatred, lack of moral compass and pure idiocy. Yet no matter what he does people follow, worship and praise him. A rally is for a high school. Not a political figure. And it’s a genuine sign of a cult. This country is truly headed for disaster in 2024. No matter what the outcome.
Ann and Alice, spot on. Well said, well put. And sadly true. Never before has this generation seen such division and it all started because of Donald Trump, his actions, hatred, lack of moral compass and pure idiocy. Yet no matter what he does people follow, worship and praise him. A rally is for a high school. Not a political figure. And it’s a genuine sign of a cult. This country is truly headed for disaster in 2024. No matter what the outcome.
Thanks Goldman family & staff for upholding Freedom of Speech without the rampant censorship that the majority of mainstream, Liberal biased Big media has succumbed to! You provide the old fashioned, decent, traditional valued Americans a voice of free speech as well as the likes of Alice & Ann in Wonderland & their brainwashed ilk to spew their hate & examples of a deterioration of society as exampled in all the major cities in the once fantastic (not perfect) USA! The chronic hate for a bold Man like Trump with his New York style personality frightens them when compared to their model of a delicate, meek, snowflake of a male with a hidden vicious snake heart well hidden with PC, euphemisms of word salads! Our SCV continues to be one of the safest cities in America thanks to the likes of the Goldman family, staff & all city administrations!! Thanks to all striving for continuing Traditional Values!
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