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WCS District to offer summer school programming | News, Sports, Jobs – timesobserver.com

May 4, 2022
In a month, school will be out for summer… and it will be time for summer school.
The Warren County School District is offering summer programming at no charge again this year.
Summer classes for students in grades six through 12 will begin on June 13. They will be offered virtually. High school classes must be finished by Aug. 5. Middle school courses must wrap up by July 29.
The district is working to make up for time lost to the COVID-19 pandemic.
“We want to close the learning gaps and also assist any student who may have failed a course during the 2021-22 school year,” Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Eric Mineweaser said. “The goal is to help them recover that credit.”
Catching up from a failed course or catching up from COVID learning loss aren’t the only reasons students might choose to participate.
“We’ve had several students take a summer course as enrichment,” Mineweaser said. “Students like to take a course in the summer to free up some time during their academic school year.”
The following courses are available for credit recovery: English 9, 10, 11, 12; U.S. History I, II; World History; Economics (half-credit); American Government (half-credit); Algebra IA, IB, II; Geometry; Consumer Math; Biology; Environmental Science; Chemistry; and Physics.
The list of courses available for initial credit include all of the credit recovery offerings plus: Mythology and Folklore; Criminology; History of the Holocaust; Forensic Science I; Veterinary Biology; Forensic Science II; Astronomy I; Health; Physical Education I, II; and Computer Literacy (all half-credit); and Algebra ICP and Marine Science (full credit).
Course descriptions for core content courses can be found at www.wcsdpa.org/Page/1089.
Students may take no more than one credit of initial coursework. “Students participating in credit recovery courses may take one credit at a time but add credits after completion of the course, time permitting,” Mineweaser said.
Middle school summer courses are not available for credit.
“Any student in grades six through eight with a non-passing cumulative score in either a brick-and-mortar or virtual core content course is eligible to register for virtual summer courses… to complete coursework to address learning gaps,” Mineweaser said.
Only core content courses — math, science, language arts, and social studies — are available.
For those who have not taken an online course before, there is a virtual orientation training course on the student dashboard.
Registration forms are available and can be completed online by visiting www.wcsdpa.org. Completed forms must be received by June 6. Anyone who is experiencing obstacles to registering may call (814) 723-0574 ext. 1701. The district will work with students individually if laptops are needed. Hotspots will not be provided.
The elementary summer program is different.
“Warren County School District will be holding half-day summer 21st Century programs for elementary students (K-5) and middle school students (6-8) at Beaty-Warren Middle School from July 11 through August 5,” Supervisor of Elementary Education Lynn Shultz said. “For those students attending the elementary 21st Century Program, an afternoon program LEAP (Learning Enrichment Afternoon Program) will be offered as well. Please feel free to contact Chris Haslett, 21st Century Program Manager, for more information about 21st Century at haslettc@wcsdpa.org.”
The district is looking into offering programming to address learning gaps among elementary students, Shultz said.
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