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Wardlow Says Recent Move Caused Him To Tune Into WWE Programming – Wrestling Inc.

Since his in-ring debut inside of a steel cage in February 2020, Wardlow has often been compared to and spoken alongside his opponent that night, Cody Rhodes.
While speaking recently on the Superstar Crossover podcast, the Ohio Native discussed his own knowledge around the WWE product, or lack thereof, and admitted Cody’s return to WWE has prompted him to keep an eye on their current offering.
“I mean, I’ll be honest, you know, I mentioned Cody, I feel like him going there has been the reason I’ve kind of watched a little bit because I got into the business late. I really don’t have that many friends”, said Wardlow.
“I don’t have many friends in general, by choice. But I really don’t know that many people over in WWE, so I don’t — there’s nobody I watch on WWE that I’d know personally other than Cody. So him going back has caused me to watch a few things just to see what he’s doing over there”.
Mr. Mayhem would then discuss ex-WWE tag-team standouts, FTR, and the influence they have had on his career since joining him in AEW.
“They are huge mentors of mine. I will be thanking and giving my gratitude to those two men for the rest of my career” said Wardlow. “Dax is somebody that is very to himself and he doesn’t give out compliments often, but when he sees something in someone, he does offer his knowledge and he has an abundance of it. Cash and Dax, and even when I was in the Pinnacle before Spears lost his mind, they took me under their wings and taught me so much and continue to this day.”
Wardlow faces his current employer, and former Pinnacle stablemate MJF, on May 29th in Las Vegas, Nevada, at AEW Double or Nothing.
If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Superstar Crossover with an h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription
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