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C and C++
C++ is a static, general-purpose, object-oriented language. This programming language is used in many fields like database management system, operating system, medical application. It is the most basic and the language taught during education.
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Python is at the top of IEEE Spectrum’s ranking of languages, with a perfect score of 100. Furthermore, Python has a support percentage of 44.1%. Python is perfect for anything. These include Django and Flask which can be used for web development, while scientific tools like Jupiter and Spyder are used for analysis and research. Most of the frameworks and libraries used in machine learning are built exclusively in Python, so if you want to learn machine learning, you need to learn Python. After completing a Python course (Python courses Online), many jobs in the IT sector open up for you.
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Java has a variety of libraries and frameworks that use Java under the hood. Java is used for app development by Spring and Hibernate. JUnit helps set up unit tests for Java projects. Most importantly, Java is being used in native Android development. So java is an important programming language from freshers to even professionals. There are online and online courses available to learn Java. After studying Java you can get job in many big IT companies.
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