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Update: Seven programming Sept 11 – Sept 14 – TV Tonight

Seven has also advised of further programming changes following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.
Sunday 11 September
6pm Seven News
7pm Farmer Wants A Wife
8:30pm Seven News
Monday 12 September
7.00pm – Home and Away
7.30pm – Farmer Wants A Wife (Ep 4)
9.00pm – The Young Elizabeth (Premiere) ITV documentary:
From her birth to the resignation of her closest political confidante, Prime Minister Winston Churchill – this is the story of the first three decades in the life of Elizabeth. From her early love of animals and the countryside to meeting her future husband when she was just 13, her time serving her country during World War Two to the crisis that brought her to the throne this documentary charts the early years of Elizabeth II – a princess who never expected to be Queen.
Tuesday 13 September
7.00pm – Home and Away
7.30pm – Farmer Wants A Wife (Ep 5)
9.00pm – Age of Elizabeth (Premiere) ITV documentary:
Queen Elizabeth is the longest reigning monarch in British history. Royal continuity marked by an understated resilience and service to her country. This documentary looks at just how radically that world changed in the Age of Elizabeth – and how this quietly conservative woman with a profound sense of duty managed to become an international icon, staying relevant during decades of social, political, cultural and technological transformation.
Wednesday 14 September
7.00pm – Home and Away
7.30pm – Farmer Wants A Wife (Ep 6)
9.00pm – Queen and Country (Premiere) ITV documentary:
The Queen may be the most travelled monarch in British history, having visited over a hundred different countries across seven decades. But this is the story of Elizabeth’s home – her United Kingdom. In this documentary key locations are visited that have meant so much to Elizabeth II, you get to hear from people whose lives she crossed but whose love she shared for this part of her kingdom. From her childhood homes in London and Windsor to the solitude she found in Balmoral and Sandringham…we will cross the country, combining rich archive with newly short sequences of some of the most famous and glorious locations in Britain.
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