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Tools to succeed: How a computer science education can help your children [Sponsored] – 225 Baton Rouge


Sponsored by Kenilworth Science & Technology School
Computer programming isn’t just about learning how to type lines of code. When taught in the classroom, it’s about teaching children how to think differently and become skillful problem solvers. When children learn to code, they develop the ability to bounce back after failure. This is one of the many reasons why your child’s computer science curriculum is so important.
Such training also builds a foundation for professional opportunity down the road. STEM professionals are in the highest demand for monitoring cybersecurity, IT services and expanding digitalization. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, is the key to our nation’s ability to compete on a global level in the future. Demand for these specialized graduates exceeds current enrollment in STEM studies is not expected to meet workforce demand. This means competition for STEM graduates will be strong, and companies that build a strong relationship with these early education programs will have an edge when recruiting.
Computer science is an interdisciplinary field that is transcendental for students. As early as elementary school, the students at Kenilworth Science and Technology School study a number of different areas of expertise, including programming languages, problem-solving, robotics, mathematics, algorithms, and even statistics. Teaching kids computer science to children can be engaging, fun and boost their self-expression and self-esteem. The feeling of creating their very own app, from scratch, with all the elements they dreamed of shows them that when applying hands-on learning and understanding the basics of computer science, anything is possible.
Coding helps improve mathematics, writing and other valuable life and professional skills. Students who learn how to code and who understand the basics of computer science develop advanced skills in integral thinking, algorithmic thinking, creativity, and even teamwork skills. Those abilities are valuable and helpful in any field, regardless of whether it is related to computers and technology. One school in Baton Rouge has become a pioneer in STEM and computer science education. Kenilworth Science and Technology School has been a leader in STEM education since its founding in 2009. As the job market has changed, Kenilworth recognized the importance not only of STEM education but specifically computer science, and began offering computer coding classes over a decade ago. To expand upon this program, Kenilworth is set to open a new K-8 charter school with a focus and expansion on the computer science and coding component of the curriculum in August of 2023.

Kenilworth’s enriched curriculum helps prepare students for high school and beyond. Every Kenilworth student is expected to be not only computer literate, but leave their school with foundational skills that will follow them beyond school and into the future job market. In addition to computer science classes such as computer fundamentals, computer coding, and  web design, Kenilworth students work with computer software in other subjects, allowing their foundational skills to exponentially grow. From problem-solving skills, job opportunities, critical thinking, and creativity, there are so many reasons for children to learn programming in school. Visit kenilworthschool.org to learn more.



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