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Tony Khan explains why AEW stars have featured on WWE programming – Sporf

AEW president Tony Khan has explained why some of his wrestlers have featured on WWE TV.
A host of AEW stars have appeared on WWE programming in recent weeks, including Bryan Danielson.
The appearances occurred at the end of June, on the week of John Cena‘s 20th anniversary celebration on Raw.
Bryan was joined by Chris Jericho and Big Show in sending video messages to Cena, which were broadcast on the WWE.
Their messages received a hugely positive response from the WWE crowd, showing their love for the network’s former stars.
Fightful Select reported that the WWE approached AEW president Khan for permission for these messages, and he approved.
Wrestling fans have speculated whether the recent crossover is hinting at future collaboration between the two corporations.
There have been references to the AEW on WWE, and vice versa. CM Punk recently referenced WWE star The Miz on AEW programming, whilst Seth Rollins namedropped the former Dean Ambrose (now Jon Moxley in AEW) in a promo segment with Roman Reigns.
The war between AEW and WWE just keeps getting even more intense. pic.twitter.com/b2DWShx7aU
Following the appearances of AEW stars in WWE, Tony Khan spoke out to explain his decision.
On the ‘Masked Man Show‘ podcast, he said: “I heard from WWE directly, they contacted me and asked if I would give them access, give them videos — if I would ask some of the wrestlers in AEW to send in tribute videos for John Cena’s 20th anniversary.
“I thought that was a very nice thing. It sounded like a nice event, a classy thing, and I have no problem helping out, and that was the kind of thing that, it’s not going to hurt us. And I’m happy to do the right thing, and be a good Samaritan when it’s called for.”
It seems that if the cause is correct, Khan is in favour of future crossovers with WWE.
There are already several links between the two companies. Current WWE star Cody Rhodes co-founded AEW, whilst the newer company has picked up a number of released WWE wrestlers, including Jericho, Danielson, Cesaro, Athena and Ruby Soho.
It appears that Khan is certainly not shutting the door to more collaboration, so watch this space.
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