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Timothy Brown Obituary (1956 – 2022) – Midwest City, OK – Legacy.com

Barnes Friederich Funeral Home
1820 S Douglas Blvd
Midwest City, OK

Aug. 22, 2022
4:00 p.m.
Meadowood Baptist Church

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Timothy Edward Brown was born March 17, 1956 and embraced his eternal reward on August 11, 2022. In his 66 years, 4 months, and 25 days on this earth he lived a wonderful, hilarious, passionate, and unique life. He was the only child of his loving parents, Thomas Edward and Betty Lou Brown nee Blough. An inquisitive and imaginative child, he dove into books and the imaginative world of novels, especially those of the Science-Fiction genre. As a student at Midwest City High, (Go Bombers) he worked in the Library and was soon given the task of reading all the incoming Science-Fiction novels so he could write up a summary for the librarians to use.
As a college student, Tim studied at Rose State College and earned a degree in Biology. While his academics focused on life sciences, his time and efforts were already turning towards technology. Before a degree in computer science even existed, Tim was enthusiastically buying components, from the local Radio Shack, and building his own computing machines. An autodidact by nature, he taught himself programming languages and began writing code to create shortcuts and increase efficiency. He was a systems operator for the local Bulletin Board System (BBS) that was an early precursor to the internet of today. He shared his love of technology with anyone who wanted to learn, and until his last days he was still teaching others tips and tricks to make computers behave themselves.
While Tim was a whiz at technology, he was just as adept at the fine art of friendship. Tim never met a stranger, just folks he hadn't befriended, yet. He was gregarious and hilarious in equal turns. He had a passion for life that stemmed from a deeply devout relationship with God. Tim's commitment to God began as a small child and continued to his final breath. He loved telling people about how much God loved them and the incredible purpose God had created them to achieve. He was also selfless, and humble, and went out of his way over and over and over again to invest in people. He was a mentor, a Sunday School teacher, a small group leader, a Bible Study facilitator, and an indefatigable encourager.
Tim had a twinkle in his eye and was often the instigator of good natured practical jokes, the teller of G-rated "Dad jokes," and a master of the pun. Even as he was in the middle of hospice, after a grueling battle with cancer, he would break into song, with the proffered musical accompaniment the perfect sound track to the moment at hand. He gobbled apple fritters and ice cream cones with glee and never missed an opportunity to live life spectacularly. From eye-dazzling ties to jaw-droppingly complicated Halloween costumes, Tim lived a life of sumptuous overabundance and unremitting joy.
That joy was made manifest in his wonderful family. Tim was head over heels in LOVE with Vicki, his wife of 26 years. Tim was so smitten with her that he lit up every single time she walked in the room. They were so excited to start a family they "practiced" on parenting by being hosts for foreign exchange students. Tim was a natural at being a dad and welcomed Jung Seung-Mo and Larissa Gorski into his family. Then, finally, Tim received the package with the adoption information about their little girl, Natalie. He was blown away by her from the first picture and he happily trekked across the globe to pick her up in China. Oh, the radiance that emanated from Tim every time he talked about his precious girl. He loved reading to her, taking her for walks, watching her dance, listening to her sing, hearing her play the piano and the violin and the guitar. A prouder and happier daddy would be impossible to even imagine.
Tim spent his life taking care of things. He took care of technology at AT&T for over 33 years and then at the Oklahoma Healthcare Authority for another 8 years. He took care of his friends and mentees and poured out his wisdom and love without measure. He took care of his parents and his mother-in-law later in life, opening his home to all three as their health declined. He took care of his sweet daughter and doted on her at every opportunity. He took care of his wife, encouraging and nurturing her at every turn. Tim took the gift of his life and transformed it into a gift that blessed all those around him.
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