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TikTok Announces Week-Long Programming Celebrating NAIDOC Week – B&T

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As part of ongoing NAIDOC week events and celebrations of First Nations culture, TikTok has announced its NAIDOC Week Hub as well as a live stream event.
As part of the social media company’s commitment to recognising and elevating First Nations voices, TikTok has worked with Two Point Co, a 100% Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned consultancy, and Nungala Creative, to create and shape the NAIDOC week program.
Throughout the week, which officially runs from July 3 – 10, TikTok is spotlighting a diverse group of First Nations businesses in the TikTok #NAIDOCWeek Hub, showcasing excellence and elevating the incredible businesses on the platform.
The NAIDOC Week program will also showcase curated First Nations music and will host a live stream with Tasman Keith. Tasman is a Gumbaynggirr man from Bowraville, carrying on the storytelling traditions of his family, by writing a new chapter through music. His skills as a rapper have made him recognisable in the Australian Hip-Hop scene, and beyond.
The live stream will be hosted on Tasman’s TikTok account @tasmankeith on Thursday 7 July at 7.00pm AEST, and includes the following line-up:
Lucy Chesterton, head of community, TikTok Australia and New Zealand said: “At TikTok, we are proud to not only celebrate and elevate First Nations people and businesses, but also collaborate and work closely with the community, continuing our journey of listening and learning. We want to highlight these incredible businesses and communities not only during Naidoc Week but all year round.”
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Return from Cannes in Cairns with a blistering hangover & possible STI? Now comes independent proof of its huge success.
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Work in adland there are three givens – a love of Gruen, smugness at dinner parties, not reading Nigel Marsh’s books.
B&T always admires a brand that takes a social stance. Even brands selling ice-cream at extortionary prices.
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The Siren Awards uncover the art to the radio ad. And, as you’ll read, it’s a lot more than banging coconuts together.
Aussies continue to dominate this year’s Wimbledon. Sadly for all the wrong reasons.
Lisa Wilkinson claims it’s the world’s toughest job, but more evidence today of the cushiness of reading a teleprompter.
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