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This Parody Of How Programmers Overprepare For Job Interviews Is Too Accurate – TechDigg

Every programmer will find this video way too relatable.
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Remote work, the arrival of home-owning millennials, and other forces can be an opportunity to remake them for the better.
This vibrator made for couples has won over 20 awards for its design alone.
Here’s why rabies is the deadliest virus we know on Earth
It’s actually completely normal to hate your birthday. We spoke to psychologist Ash King to find out why.
Dr. Jesse Taylor and Dr. Gregory Heuer take us through the tools and techniques they used to successfully separate Erin and Abby Delaney, twins conjoined at the head.
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got married, so Alissa Wilkinson revisited their infamous 2003 flop.
With her husband near death from an antibiotic-resistant superbug, a scientist found a cure no one had used in the US — intravenous injections of viruses called phages — and convinced the medical system to save his life.
Be prepared.
Two months after getting out of prison, the notorious “pharma bro” is back in the game.
The brand sold itself using an upside-down logic: that women need to suffer to be deemed desirable.
Instagram will be handing over the feed to the popular kids until you step your pussy up.
To-dos, shopping lists, scheduling notes and more are easy to handle with a whiteboard in a common space.
Two newly published studies take totally different approaches but arrive at the same conclusion: The Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan, China, was most likely the epicenter for the coronavirus.
Jack Henry is the premier brand for protecting your hair’s microbiome.
Andre Antunes turns this pastor’s tongue speaking into a bop.
There are now more than 18,000 cases worldwide.
The political action committee Mothers Against Greg put out an ad criticizing the Texas abortion ban that will hit you like a ton of bricks.
In a new book, Alice Mah looks at corporations’ role in creating and perpetuating the global plastics crisis — and what we can do about it.
What’s it like to work as a visual-effects artist for the MCU? “I’ve had co-workers sit next to me, break down, and start crying.”
The Barcelona Guitar Trio deliver an extremely crowded version of Michael Jackson’s signature song.
The American median household income is around $65,000. Here’s how much more you need to make in order to become a top earner in the country’s biggest cities.
Major and minor chords in Western music make us feel a certain way, and research suggest this may be because of an evolutionary trait.
Consuming microplastics puts your health at risk. LARQ’s water filtration systems can keep you safe.
English soccer player Alessia Russo’s backheel nutmeg put England 3-0 up against Sweden in the semi-final, all but confirming their place in the final.
Here’s what people in France, Germany, Japan and a few other countries think about the American President.
Flint And Tinder’s 365 pants now come as cotton linen chinos for optimal breathability.
Here’s why “Se7en,” David Fincher’s second feature film as a director, starring Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman and others, is a masterclass in on-screen psychological crime.
Loop wants to rebuild the world with ecological structures made of fungal mycelium. Its proof of concept? Living coffins.
Elon Musk promised a hyperloop revolution would be able to transport people across hundreds of miles faster and more efficiently than planes. Where is it?
As Meta’s growth slows, Mark Zuckerberg is pushing even harder. Will his employees melt under the pressure?
“The more money there is to be made, the more fraud we’re going to see concurrently with that growth.”
Saudi Arabia put out a promotional video for their proposed 1,626 feet tall, 105 miles long city of the future and decided to make it unsettling AF.
After battling a bout of monkeypox, Kyle Planck wants to help others navigate the disease.
It’s not that Gen Z is obsessed with subtitles: it’s that certain actors, accents and soundscapes are too damn hard to understand.
Over the years Matt Damon has told podcast host Bill Simmons a number of ‘inside-Hollywood’ tales, including a story about how Kubrick filmed “The Shining,” what dinner with Tom Cruise is like and many more.
Let the Brendan Fraser comeback begin. A24 has released a first look at Darren Aronofsky’s upcoming drama “The Whale,” in which Fraser stars as a man living with obesity who strug…
One writer drinks his way through a slew of bars both historic and pioneering.
In 1962, a report of the Royal College of Physicians highlighted the link between smoking and lung cancer. Here’s what people on the street in Ireland thought about the risk.
“Now that the project is over, I’m revisiting what mistakes I made that let this project spiral so far out of control.”
Though most people retire in their mid-60s, if you’re willing to make certain changes, you can slip out of the workforce early and spend your time traveling, volunteering or just hanging out.
Many people are finding many benefits to going back to a phone that only can make phone calls and text.
Predictable plotlines and tired tropes can spoil a film, but there are some classic movie moments we’ll always enjoy — even if we see them coming from the start.
The Justice Department is investigating President Donald Trump’s actions as part of its criminal probe of efforts to overturn the 2020 election results, according to four people familiar with the matter.
DId Bob Odenkirk inadvertently spill the beans about the series’ finale?
The next time someone on the Euro trip asks for your wi-fi password, just give it to them.
Unmask Alice lifts the veil on author Beatrice Sparks, who fabricated the lives of young adults to moralize about drugs, sex and Satanism.
Hollywood loves to stretch the truth. But sometimes suspending disbelief when watching a movie can be tough when you know what actually happens in the real world.
United States public health agencies generally don’t test wastewater for signs of polio. That may have given the virus time to circulate silently before it paralyzed a New York man.
From “Infinity War” to “The Gray Man,” the writer-director duo has fetched some of the largest budgets and box office totals in recent history. But what does a Hollywood cast in their image stand for?
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