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The Secret Behind Kids and Family TV Programming on CTV – TVRev

“You won’t find a whole lot of Millennial parents on linear anymore. And on streaming, they’re on ad-free services like Disney+ and Netflix. That makes them very hard to reach if you’re looking at television.”
—Senior Media Agency executive
Brands looking to reach parents of young children can get more bang for their buck by buying kids and family TV programming on streaming.
That’s one of the many insights we’ve uncovered in our Premium Special Report, How Kids and Family Streaming Content Helps CTV Advertisers Combat Transparency Challenges.
But it’s not just because they’re hard to find on linear.
In this premium special report, we’ll take you through
Why transparency has become such a big issue on streaming
How most streaming inventory is bought and sold
Why agencies still maintain “programmatic” and “TV” teams
How the legal regulations around Kids and Family programming on CTV means it often slips through the agencies cracks, creating a prime opportunity for advertisers to reach premium audiences at significantly lower prices… for now.
Download it today to learn more. 
Alan Wolk veteran media analyst, former agency executive, and author of "Over The Top. How The Internet Is (Slowly But Surely) Changing The Television Industry" is Co-Founder and Lead Analyst at TV[R]EV where he helps networks, platforms, agencies, brands and ad tech companies navigate the rapidly shifting media landscape. A widely published columnist, speaker and industry thinker who is a regular on Cheddar TV, Wolk has built a following of over 300K industry professionals on LinkedIn by speaking plainly and intelligently about TV and the media business.
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