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The Nigerian Software Development Industry Is On The Rise – Vanguard

The software development industry is booming around the world and Nigeria is no different. Recent reports suggest that software development hubs have started to emerge across the whole country. In addition to the rising popularity of software development in the country, tech giants such as Microsoft have made huge investments in the country’s IT sector.
Investments from tech giants have encouraged software development hubs to be set up across the country and also across the whole continent of Africa. In this age of the digital world, it was only a matter that Nigerians came to know about the importance of technology and made major strides in the popularity of technology across the country.
The most in-demand job in Nigeria is a back-end developer. The majority of the company and businesses want to have their own dedicated applications and website so that they can personalize content to their customers due to which there has been an increase in demand for back-end developers. 
Every time users make a request through the front-end, be it for an online program, a website or an online game such as Words With Friends, it is sent to the backend and it is the responsibility of backend developers to make sure that everything goes smoothly and the user request is fully completed. 
Backend developers are also the ones that maintain databases, and networks, maintain APIs and perform extensive testing even for a tool like Scrabble Word Finder to ensure its proper functioning. Thus, there has been an increased demand for backend developers in software development companies and startups in Nigeria.
But other developers such as full-stack developers, mobile developers, game developers, app developers and front-end developers are also in demand and there has been a rise in job openings for other developers too.
Nigeria has a very large community of DevOps engineers that have also played their role and contributed to the growth of the software development industry in Nigeria. Different DevOps communities and groups host meet-ups, seminars, and events for DevOps engineers so that they can come forward and share their experiences in the field of IT and also tell people about the importance of IT in this age of the digital world.
Since the whole methodology of DevOps is based on different practices that aim to increase efficiency and collaboration, it has helped the country in making major strides in the field of technology. It has helped software development hubs across the countries to increase the efficiency, speeds, and security of software that they develop. DevOps is proven to be much more effective than traditional processes and in Nigeria, it has allowed growing developers with software development.
The growing freelancer market has also made major contributions to the growing software development industry in Nigeria. The freelancer market is helping many individuals all over the world to be independent and make a living for themselves by providing different services. As most of the freelancer tasks are related to the field of software development, it has motivated many youngsters in Nigeria to be a part of the software development industry.
Youngsters are now learning different programming languages, app development, game development, etc. All of this has led to promoting software development in the country. Using IT-related skills, many individuals are earning a good amount of money for themselves and this has helped to accelerate the growth of the software development industry in Nigeria.
There has also been an increase in the number of learning platforms. The rise of learning platforms is accelerating the growth of the software development industry in Nigeria. Through online learning platforms such as Udemy, and Coursera, people are able to learn programming and other things related to the field of IT online without having to go anywhere. These platforms provide different courses and tutorials with the help of which many Nigerians are learning how to code.
In addition, different organizations have also arranged different meet-up sessions and hands-on sessions to promote software development. Some have even provided software development training in different programming languages such as Java, Python, PHP, etc to help the individuals with coding.
The Nigerians have also overcome many challenges that stood in their way. Although Nigerian developers are highly skilled and professionals, clients from foreign countries are not familiar with Nigeria’s fast growing tech culture due to which they had to face many problems. Luckily, with major moves from tech giants, Nigeria’s tech industry is being highlighted all around the world.
Github, the world’s leading platform for providing Internet hosting for software development called Nigeria the fourth-largest growing developer community around the world. This report from GitHub helped the software development industry a lot. Along with this, with the help of global tech giants, Nigerian software development companies have been able to overcome the challenges that stood in their way and came out strong.



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