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The Middle | News Special Programming – KCRW

The Middle is restarting the American conversation.
Public radio veteran Jeremy Hobson is returning to stations this Fall with four new live shows called The Middle. The Middle will listen to Americans at a critical moment in our history as they weigh cultural change, an uncertain economy and polarized political discourse.
The Middle will also intentionally focus on listeners, voters and the marginalized in the ‘middle’ of the country.
Jeremy will host four live special broadcasts on three Wednesday evenings preceding the November 8th vote, concluding with a final special on November 9th that assesses what happened and how the results foreshadow our collective future.
Each show will broadcast at 8PM Central/9PM Eastern/6PM Pacific starting on October 19, 28, November 2 and 9. The Middle can also be taped for later broadcast and be heard as a podcast or stream.
“It’s time we stopped talking about listening to Americans and actually started listening to them,”Hobson says. “I grew up in Central Illinois, where people don’t spend every waking minute thinking about politics, but they do have a whole lot of sway in our politics. Public radio is uniquely positioned to facilitate a national conversation that includes people in the middle.”
Each show will run one hour with open calls. The Middle will feature one to two key guests to help Jeremy drive the conversation. He’ll also be joined by DJ and musical sidekick Anthony Valadez from KCRW.

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