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The Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange CoinW Listed The "king-Level" Layer-1 Project Aptos Token with 650% Increase Recorded – Cryptonews

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that is not part of Cryptonews.com editorial content.
In the early morning of October 18, Aptos, a “king-level” Layer 1 project that has received a huge financing of 350 million US dollars, announced the official launch of the mainnet Aptos. As the first exchange to launch APT on its platform, CoinW has launched APT at 20:00 (UTC+8) on October 18, and opened the APT/USDT trading pair. The maximum increase of the token is as high as 650%. At 10 :00 (UTC+8) on October 19, APT 3L/USDT, APT 3S/USDT, APT 6L/USDT, APT 6S/USDT ETF were launched in the ETF zone.
(APT launched in CoinW with a 650% increase, ranking first in the new coin list).
In  March, Aptos received $350 million in investment from top institutions such as a16z, FTX Ventures, Coinbase Ventures and Binance Labs, and reached an institutional funding valuation of 2.75 billion US dollars at the end of July. 
Since crypto assets have witnessed a bear market this year, the market has been sluggish, and only few projects have been able to arouse investor enthusiasm.
Aptos was able to obtain huge financing from the industry’s top investment institutions in the early stage of development and this to some groups was unprecedented. 
According to the Aptos project analysis report, the strong project team and the use of unique programming languages are the main reasons why Aptos has set off a wave of discussion even in the bear market.
First of all, Aptos is an L1 smart contract platform, and its core founding team is basically from the Meta stablecoin project, Libra (later renamed Diem), and a considerable number of them are even the technical backbone of Meta. In addition, Austin, the former head of marketing at Solana, also announced that he had officially joined Aptos as the director of the ecosystem, and the team background was more eye-catching.
Secondly, compared with the existing public chains on the market, the biggest feature of Aptos is that it adopts the new development language, Move. Originally designed for the Diem project, Move is more secure, extensible, and upgradable than ETH’s Solidity language.  At the same time, Aptos plans to be compatible with Solidity, making it easier for more ETH blockchain developers to migrate to the Aptos ecosystem.
In addition, Aptos has made a series of breakthroughs in consensus mechanism and key security. Aptos adopts BFT consensus mechanism and parallel computing system, and also supports multi-currency payment of gas fees, and the TPS during the test period is theoretically up to 160K, higher than Solana’s 120K, and the transaction confirmation time is also shortened to less than 1 second. At present, more than 200 projects have been developed and deployed in the Aptos testnet, and there are more than 20,000 testnet verification nodes. According to the official information of MartianWallet, the Aptos ecological wallet, its application downloads exceeded 100,000 times at the end of August, which shows its popularity.
For such a popular project, the CoinW Research Institute began to track Aptos from the early stage of the project, until the project mainnet was successfully launched, and CoinW immediately launched the spot and ETF-related transactions of the token. Present are the favorable factors such as Aptos’ huge ecology, rich applications, and extremely attractive airdrops in the later stage to platform users to help users grasp the investment opportunity in time. In addition, CoinW has also launched the “Win at the Starting Line, Low Price of new tokens ‘ and “Share $2,000 Reward for Holding APT”, and the detailed participation process can be found on the official website (www.coinw.com). 
CoinW is the world’s leading comprehensive crypto asset trading platform. Providing global users with comprehensive trading services for digital assets such as spot trading, contract trading, ETF, OTC, CoinW Earn, and FansUp. At present, the depth of CoinW contracts ranks top in the whole network, and it is also the first exchange platform in the industry to launch the zero trading fee activity for spot trading, to accelerate the mass adoption of cryptocurrency.
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