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The 10 Best Discord Servers for Web Developers – MUO – MakeUseOf

If you’re a web developer looking for a place to connect with other developers, then these Discord servers offer an excellent platform for doing so.
Discord is a chatting app that used to be for gamers, but has recently evolved into a community where people with like interests converge online and discuss specific topics. The simplest way to grow in a profession is with a community.
Fortunately, web developers are not exempted from this list. There are communities on Discord called "servers" where web developers can network and share ideas irrespective of their experience level. Here, we'll cover the best discord servers for web developers and provides tips for building your network.
The Coding Den is a community of over 117,000 members. This discord server helps and teaches young programmers to maneuver primary programming languages easily. In Coding Den, you'll find software and web development experts dedicated to helping newbies grow in whatever aspects of coding they desire.
Experts on this platform host community discussions where newbies can learn specific programming languages like Java, Python, Regex, and Databases. The Coding Den is primarily made to accommodate newbies in web development and guide them until they become field experts.
Devcord is one of the best discord channels open to front-end web developers. This community answer queries related to front-end development and coding. It has a community of over 39,000 members, with front-end specialists looking out for newbies on the platform.
Devcord greatly supports individuals looking to become successful freelance front-end developers. And aside from being of great help to newbies, experts on Devcord also assign roles to themselves. This way, they guide other members on the server and assist the platform's moderators.
Devcord also provides options for clients to post jobs or hire developers on the platform. So, it doubles as a remote job board and a community for web developers.
Reactiflux Discord server focuses on React and JavaScript programming languages. It is one of the largest Discord servers, with a members count of over 200,000. On Reactiflux, experts also answer queries on Relay, Redux, and GraphQL.
They host Q&A sessions where beginners learn from seasoned developers, and you'll find job boards to work as a web developer. They also schedule events that'll help other developers grow. The best part of being on Reactiflux is that experts will help review your resume. You also can access the tools and library resources available to the community for free.
The same moderators run Nodeiflux as the Reactiflux Discord server. However, they specialize in answering queries in Node.js development and how to use server-side JavaScript. In Nodeiflux, experts help with code reviews and general tech information.
The best part is that you can also get side gigs to launch your career and find the latest updates in the tech industry. Nodeifux has over 8000 members and 200,000 combined with Reactiflux.
Over 23,000 members are part of CodeSupport, where they guide both programmers and web developers. On Code support, members are given color tags to specify the roles they play on the server. You have moderators in charge of everything on the platform labeled blue.
Some verified experts give suggestions and answers to questions on the platform labeled green. These experts are trusted to give correct and verifiable information on queries related to web development.
CodeSupport is also well known for supporting developers in Python. They help with code reviews, which is very useful for newbies. Although sending direct messages to other members is prohibited, you can engage in general conversations on the server.
TensorFlow is home to over 10,000 web developers. They provide support to web development on queries related to JavaScript, Python, general AI ethics, and convolutional neural network. On this platform, experts and newbies share ideas and talk about the latest developments in TensorFlow and how to navigate its open-source library.
This server provides a network of web developers willing to help review lines of code and collaborate on projects. TensorFlow is open to developers of all experience levels, even a day one newbie. It provides all the support you'll need if you're willing to learn.
SpeakJS server is specifically designed for Java developers and tailored to experts and newbies in this niche. This server offers a platform where web developers dissect every part of JavaScript, making suggestions and learning the latest development.
At SpeakJS, members can review codes for errors, collaborate and attend study group sessions where they can engage in deeper learning about JavaScript. In addition to subscribing to top Java blogs that can aid your career as a programmer, SpeakJS is a haven for guided growth as a developer.
The Programmer's Hangout is a server where young programmers can meet seasoned developers and learn from them directly. At this discord server, experts will aid you in various programming languages of your choice.
They also offer tutorials for newbies to become pros in their field. Aside from web development, The Programmer's Hangout holds training on mobile app development, game development, and process theory, which is great for web developers who are also interested in these fields. This Discord server is home to over 139,000 members.
Python is the official discord server from the original owners of the Python programming language and has over 300,000 members in its community. It discusses everything about Python, one of the major programming languages globally. Also, because Python is a popular programming language, you would likely find experts in your time zone to connect with.
Due to its popularity, it is important to have a community where experts can guide other members. It's open to all, including newbies and intermediates who are curious about polishing their skills and knowledge of Python.
Just like Speak JS and Python, the TypeScript Discord server helps TypeScript developers. TypeScript is an open-source programming language built on JavaScript, which can be complex. And as a result, learning would require extra support from pros in the field.
This community is a constructive and inclusive network from around the world. You’ll find free resources to guide you on the platform. They also support code reviews and collaboration with other web developers. In addition, they give tutorials on website translation and DevOps. TypeScript has over 39,000 members.
It's easier to build a career with like-minded people in your circle, and Discord allows you to achieve this as a web developer. Look out for experts and top contributors, and link up outside the server.
However, you should ensure to follow the rules guiding the platform. You can also increase your chances of linking up with the experts by showing enthusiasm by constantly upgrading your skills outside the server.
Joshua Adegoke is a talented writer with a year of professional writing, editing, and optimizing internet content experience. As a tech enthusiast, Joshua is passionate about the dynamism technology is bringing to the future of work. Presently, Joshua is a Work and Career section writer at MakeUseOf, with aspirations of flattening the learning curve for those willing to join the tech train. Besides writing, Joshua loves cooking and trying out new recipes.


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