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SuaCode Smartphone Programming Course – June 2022 for Young Africans – Opportunity Desk

Deadline: May 29, 2022
Applications for the SuaCode Intro to Programming Course are invited to the June 2022 cohort. SuaCode is a smartphone-based online course that teaches coding in English and French to Africans with little or no programming experience through the SuaCode Android app. A total of 100 learners will be selected at the end of the first week to receive full scholarships sponsored by the EdTech AI startup, SuaCode.ai.
Learners will be introduced to basic coding concepts over 4 weeks while spending about 5 – 7 hours a week reading lesson notes, completing quizzes and assignments, while building a smartphone app — a pong game — in the process. And then get a verifiable certificate at the end. Also, learners get to interact with other Africans in the course forum and get answers to questions from Kwame, the AI Teaching Assistant.
To apply,
For more information, visit SuaCode.ai.
Jude Ogar is an educator and youth development practitioner with years of experience working in the education and youth development space. He is passionate about the development of youth in Africa.


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