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Stacks Announces Scaling of its Grants and Stacks Foundation Programming – Securities.io

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Stacks (STX), the blockchain project that aims to bring smart contracts and dApps to Bitcoin’s network, announced recently that it aims to scale its grants and Stacks Foundation programming. According to the project, it is necessary to ramp up programs and efforts to serve its mission, in general.
The project made an announcement about it on Twitter on June 30th, as well as on its website, where it explained things in greater detail. Right away, the project’s announcement says that there have been numerous changes and adjustments that they had to introduce, particularly to the grants and grants-related positions over the past month or two.
Furthermore, the project insists that the changes made to the grants and its programming are entirely based on feedback, learnings, and the project’s goals regarding where the devs want to take it in the future. The changes, however, are not related to the bear market, as the project specifically said.
The project initially launched a new version of its Stacks Grant Dashboard in late May of this year. Since then, it has been gathering feedback in order to know what changes may or may not be necessary to make in order to make its products simpler and more user-friendly. Using that data, the project came to the conclusion that several areas of its offering require improvements and changes.
As originally planned, Stacks is adding more experiments, and is doubling down on programs from the last 12 months. Some of the changes made so far include areas such as Hackathons, Stacks Chapters, Events, Clarity Camp Cohort #3, Mintery Cohort #2, EmpireDAO, Core Development, Online Education, Bridges, API, and other integrations. The project even noted that it is hiring in the middle of the bear market, and not laying people off or rescinding offers. In other words, the project is seeing great success, and this has been through throughout the last quarter.
The project also has the Grant Ambassadors program, which launched earlier this year. Since then, it provided a lot of value to the grants program, as Ambassadors are a crucial first step towards decentralizing the review process. But, similar to Dashboard, the Ambassador role is also set to see some changes and refinements. Specifically, ambassadors will take on more specific outcomes when it comes to their skillsets.
Finally, the project insisted that it has confidence in its financial position. It regularly consults with experts, in its own space and beyond, and its Board of Directors includes a number of serial entrepreneurs and experts who are extremely familiar with modern technologies and industries.
Regarding Hackathons, the project noted that the Miami For Everyone hackathon has been extremely successful, which is why more will be coming soon. In fact, the project intends to host and participate in at least five more hackathons before the end of this year, with many more other events that the project plans to organize alongside the hackathons themselves.
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