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Sony and Parrot Analytics to streamline content programming, sales, and distribution strategy – Prensario Internacional

Parrot Analytics’ expertise in the global streaming space will help Sony– which does not have an in-house streaming service – to make the best decisions in pricing content and targeting that content to the right buyer. Above all, the company’s global demand data allows Sony Pictures Entertainment and to bring more leverage to the negotiating table in executing content sales and distribution deals. Parrot Analytics is working with Sony’s Latin American division, focusing on the key international markets of Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico. 
‘We are thrilled to work with Sony ensure this iconic creator of some of the world’s most beloved and in-demand movies and TV series is efficiently targeting its content at the right SVODs and other distributors for the right price. We will be identifying sales opportunities by analyzing supply and demand among key SVOD players, analyzing content trends to develop new productions aligned with the market needs, and analyzing the demand performance of Sony’s productions on individual SVOD players’, said Alejandro Rojas, VP of Applied Analytics at Parrot Analytics.
Liz Sanderson, Head of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence LATAM, Sony, added: ‘Our goal at Sony is to bring technology and emotion together. We are at the Entertainment and Motion Pictures division, but Sony is, at its core, a technology company. This aligns perfectly with Parrot Analytics’ desire to bring together creators and consumers. Our partnership combines the cutting-edge predictive analytics that Parrot Analytics has with Sony’s legacy of making some of Hollywood’s most iconic content, and its expertise in production and excellent story-telling – the key ingredients to deliver emotions to consumers. Because of Parrot Analytics we are able to understand new content, evaluate our own content against the competitors, and identify which platforms are the best fit for our content. This will ultimately allow us to delight the audience and minimize risks’. 
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