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Solved – Access Not Configured. Google+ API (truncated…) on google console developer

When i was working on my Laravel 5.3 application with socialite google API. I fetched one issue when redirect on my application.

I had successfully created my project on google console with site URL and redirect back URL too. But when it was redirect back on path i found one error like “403 Forbidden – Access Not Configured. Google+ API (truncated…)”.

I did try my self but i can’t solve this error. It was always return error on my screen like this way:

“ClientException in RequestException.php line 107: Client error: `GET https://www.googleapis.com/plus/v1/people/me?prettyPrint=false` resulted in a `403 Forbidden` response:

{“error”:{“errors”:[{“domain”:”usageLimits”,”reason”:”accessNotConfigured”,”message”:”Access Not Configured. Google+ API (truncated…)”

But At Last i found how to resolve this issue. I just go on my google console account and enable google+ API. If you haven’t knew how to enable google+ services then you can see bellow images.

First Open your Google Console Account from Here : console.developers.google.com

After Successfully login you will find bellow screen and select your project like bellow image:

After this you have to click on google+ API detail page. like on bellow screen shot.

Ok, now we can enable API like bellow image:

After enable successfully you will be find screen shot like this way:

After this, i did solve my issue, If it can help you…

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