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Smith Brothers Offer Programming for Busy Athletes – Morning Chalk Up

For the OGs, there are a few iconic places on the CrossFit map–the Ranch in Aromas, the first box in Santa Cruz, Mat Fraser’s parents’ basement in Vermont, and the Smith family garage in Chesapeake, VA complete with the old, dented garage fridge.
The 2015 Fittest Man on Earth, Ben Smith started his training career there, as did his brothers, Alec and Dane. Now, the three Smiths have created an online programming service, The Smith Bros. Garage, designed specifically for athletes with busy lives who want to build fitness, but have to squeeze their workouts into already tight schedules.
One big thing: Every Smith Bros Garage workout is designed to be completed in 20 minutes or less and athletes can mix and match various programming tracks based on goals and schedule flexibility.
The story: As a new parent to twins, Dane realized that his training schedule was very limited and that inspired him to create “DadBod Fitness,” an online programming company that he ran on his own.
Once Alec returned in 2021, though, the Smith brothers joined forces, changed the name to The Smith Bros Garage, and developed a new programming cadence that incorporated elements from all three of their approaches to fitness.
The details: With all three brothers on board, Ben handles the programming for Krypton Athletics and Ben Smith’s Blueprint, but then passes them off to Dane who revises and adapts them to fit the 20 minute time domain. Alec then adds in gymnastics skill work WODs to flesh out the week.
Currently there are six tracks in The Smith Bros. Garage Program and the team has approximately 300 clients/athletes right now:
Fit, No Equipment, Strength, and Core workouts are programmed six times per week, Endurance is offered three times and Gymnastics twice. A membership to The Smith Bros. Garage is US$20 per month and provides access to all six tracks weekly.
The bottom line: There are tons of online programming options available and many are designed to cater to high level athletes who are seeking to compete. In that landscape, The Smith Bros. Garage offers great options for stressed-out parents or others with busy lifestyles who need to get in and out of a workout quickly and efficiently.
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