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Sky's The Limit Launches New Programming to Prepare Entrepreneurs for What's Ahead in 2023 – PR Web

SkysTheLimit.org (“Sky’s the Limit”), the digital community transforming the playing field for entrepreneurial success, kicks off new – and free –programming in September to help under-resourced entrepreneurs find small business success. Launchpad, an exclusive hands-on educational program for the Sky's the Limit community, gives entrepreneurs the tools they need to succeed when starting out.
Launchpad was created in response to entrepreneur feedback and express needs. It includes three comprehensive 4-week educational courses featuring expert-led seminars, action guides, mentoring, workshops, and opportunities for $500/£420 grants at the end of each session. Participants can choose to be part of the whole 4-week session or pick which portions of the program they would like to virtually attend. By the end of the entire 12 weeks, entrepreneurs will be prepared for what lies ahead in 2023.
The first course, on business planning, includes an expert-led virtual seminar on creating a business plan and will be led by Nic Cary, co-founder and chairman of Blockchain and co-founder of Sky’s the Limit.
Registration is open and includes a recording of the course.
As an organization centered around lifting up and supporting entrepreneurs, Sky’s the Limit recognizes the many talents and gifts that all entrepreneurs bring to the table and welcomes everyone to join their free platform to connect with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and receive mentorship, coaching and links to business resources and funding.
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