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By Dr Nivash Jeevanandam
Data science certification programmes educate technical skills and let you construct a portfolio based on real-world data science scenarios.
Fortune 500 companies are more data-dependent and actively seek data specialists to assist them in comprehending their massive data sets. Therefore, gaining a credential in data science is an excellent method to set yourself apart from the competition and demonstrate your expertise to potential employers.
Let us see some of the leading data science certifications. 
Google Professional Data Engineer Certification 
Google’s Data Engineer Certification will provide many students with fundamental-level knowledge of ML models and operationalization techniques, particularly those interested in monitoring and developing data-processing systems. Intensively concerned with interactive data analysis and the science of utilizing globally accessible data with the highest flexibility and in an approach-oriented manner!! This certification targets both by incorporating BigQuery into its coursework.
SAS Certified Data Scientist
The SAS Global Certification Program is the solution to becoming a certified data scientist skilled in the programming languages R, Python, HTML, and CSS. Javascript knows the ins and outs of machine learning and various data visualization models and can build complex data management models to drive business decisions in an organized manner. This programme has three main pathways, which cost more than 180 dollars. Data Curation Professional is the first road; it consists of 4 courses, whereas Advanced Analytics Professional is the second pathway, which consists of 9 courses. The third track, Professional in AI and Machine Learning, has five courses. In addition, other tools are available, such as the Certification Professional directory and Certification Community, to help you get good answers to any queries you might have about Machine Learning, Data Visualization, or Deep Learning.
CAP – Certified Analytics Professional
The most prestigious professional certification available to analytics practitioners is called CAP. You can achieve CAP’s high requirements and pass the demanding exam since you can access rewarding employment prospects. This qualification is intended for analysts in their early to mid-career stages.
Dell EMC Proven Professional Certification Program
The Dell EMC Data Scientist Associate (EMCDSA) credential introduces you to big data and data analytics fundamentals. After passing this data scientist certification exam, you are deemed a “Proven Professional.” It is evident to managers and recruiters that you possess the required abilities for a data scientist.
Amazon AWS Big Data Certification
Amazon Web Service enables you to examine medium or more enormous datasets with resizable computing power, such as scaling up or down based on your chosen computing environments. It greatly facilitates the deployment, monitoring, and management of mission-critical Data-Processing applications, which you may link to tracking warehouse orders or establishing connections with the logistics manager. Indeed, the certification effectively illustrates the significance of AI & NLP workloads handled advantageously by different types of Amazon Web Services, so that technical or non-technical people can become well-versed in the deployment methods and the partnerships with existing clients.
Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist Associate Certification
The Azure Data Scientist Microsoft Certification is the next item on the list. The Azure Data Scientist leverages their data science and machine learning expertise to implement and run on the Azure Cloud Platform. In this case, you are explicitly utilizing the Azure Machine Learning Stack of Services.
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