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ServiceNow Interview Questions and Answers

What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is an organization that provides the software for service management for firms. It works specifically in operations management, service management, and business management.

ServiceNow tool works across the departments in a company as a comprehensive cloud solution, building on their existing cloud platform. It also allows application development, data storage, and collection.

Why ServiceNow is used?

Apart from a complete cloud computing solution, ServiceNow is used for:

  • Application development
  • It service management
  • Operations management
  • Finance service management
  • Human Resource service management
  • Field service management
  • System security

What is CMDB in ServiceNow?

CMDB (Configuration Management Database) consists of the data about the software and hardware components in a firm. This configuration data is important for understanding the current assets of the company that will help in asset management, configuration management, and their infrastructure.

The information in the CMDB can be used for improving the software and hardware systems.

How to check ServiceNow version?  

The ServiceNow version can be checked using the following steps:

  • Go to System Diagnostic.
  • Then check the Build Name under the Stats.
  • In the ServiceNow homepage, hover on the company logo.

What is SLA in ServiceNow?

SLA (Service Level Agreements) is an agreement between the user and the service provider that depicts the service that will be provided to the user within a time period. This agreement also provides information like quality, scope and the pace of the services that will be provided.

What is Service Catalogue in ServiceNow?    

Service catalogs are used by the software developers for providing their customers the ability to make requests. Catalogs can be used to make portals for the users to make requests for certain catalog items.

It enables the companies to fulfill their customer’s requirements that will result in more satisfaction in terms of self-service. The service catalog API allows the companies to improve their efficiency, reduce the costs, and make faster delivery of products.

What is ITSM in ServiceNow?

ITSM (Information technology Service Management) is a secured and costs effective tool that is used by the companies to manage the requests and changes to meet the user requirements. The ITSM approach focuses on the customers and the IT services can be utilized better to improve the existing systems.

The ServiceNow ITSM tool improves the customer experience as the workflows can be automated in real time, enhancing the IT productivity of the firm.

What is ITOM in ServiceNow?

ITOM (Information Technology Operations Management) involves the software and hardware administrative processes that are handled by the organization. These practices ensure the quality and efficiency of service provided to the end users.

The ServiceNow ITOM tool provides a comprehensive system to monitor the infrastructure and reduce service issues. The manual tasks are reduced and services are automated efficiently.

What is ServiceNow Ticketing tool?

The ServiceNow ticketing tool is a tool that works in 3 steps to resolve the user issues quickly.

The steps are:

  1. Issue reporting – The problem or issue is reported by using the service catalog or the service portal at the home page of ServiceNow, via an email or by creating a ServiceNow incident.
  2. Issue management – The problems are managed by assessment, assignment, and handling.
  3. Resolution of the issue – The issue is resolved after providing the required information by the team by filling up a form.

How to create an incident in ServiceNow?

The steps to create an incident in ServiceNow are provided below:

  • Go to the Incident and then click on Create New.
  • Based on the type of incident, use a template. Templates prepared by the company can also be used.
  • Fill up the form describing all the incident information. This will include information like the user name, affected business service, the affected item, urgency of the incident, description and related information.
  • Hit on the Submit button.

What is reference qualifier in ServiceNow?

A reference qualifier is used to limit the data of a reference field that is selectable. It helps to locate information. A reference qualifier made through the Dictionary Entry form can be used to change the reference qualifier for a table. This qualifier can be used by tables based on that particular table.

What is the Client Script in ServiceNow?

Client scripts are executed on the client side or the web browser. These scripts can be used to define certain behaviors upon user interaction when the site loads, a button is clicked, or a form is submitted.

The form needs to be properly loaded in the browser before the script is processed. Glide APIs are used to apply methods and classes for client-side scripting.

What is GlideAJAX in ServiceNow?

The GlideAJAX class is used for client-side scripting to send and receive data from the ServiceNow server. Server-side code can be implemented from the client side using GlideAJAX.

A call to the class sends parameters to the Script include and then the parameters are utilized. An XML or JSON object is returned as a result by the Script include.

What is Coalesce in ServiceNow?

The Coalesce functionality helps in modifying table records during the transformation of the import data. It is used to match unique keys on data imports.

In the Transform Map, if there is no coalesce set then all the information is added without updating anything. Other options of using it are single field coalesce, multiple fields coalesce, and conditional coalesce.

What is ATF in ServiceNow?

ATF (Automated Test Framework) allows the execution of automated tests on the ServiceNow instances, to ensure that it performs according to the design it had earlier after being modified. As a result, the testing time is reduced, so the applications are developed faster.

User actions like operating a form, putting data and submitting the forms can be designed without scripting. Testing small scale projects can be beneficial using this approach.

Where can we use variable_pool in ServiceNow?

Variable_pool can be used in Workflow Activities. It is an object that accesses the values of the variables from an item in a script.

How do you get performance information in ServiceNow?              

ServiceNow Performance homepage helps us to gather the performance information about the machine and the instance that it is executing.

What is UI policy in ServiceNow?   

UI policy is a client-side program or logic that is used to decide the behaviour of a form. These can be used to set conditions for hiding form fields, a field read-only and adding other details.

For advanced modifications, the Run scripts option can be used.

What is data policy in ServiceNow?

Data policies in ServiceNow allow setting rules or boundaries that help in making the data consistent. The data being entered through forms, emails, web services etc can be made mandatory or read/write only by the data policies set on them. These are applicable to all data residing in the system.

How to use ServiceNow as a collaborative tool?

ServiceNow can be used as a collaborative tool through the functionality called ServiceNow Connect. Through this, users can connect in real time, and share ideas, data and work together.

The user requests are fulfilled in a way where both the user and the professional can see the changes in real time. For referencing the information in the future, all the data is stored in task records.

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