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Seattle Parks and Recreation announces Summer 2022 Aquatic Programming – Parkways – Parkways Seattle Parks and Recreation

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Whether you like to lap swim, dunk, dog-paddle or wade, Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) has dozens of ways to hit the water this summer!
Due to challenges in hiring lifeguards and wading pool attendants, we are unable to announce our beach and wading pool schedules at this time. We are working hard to recruit, train, and hire more lifeguards and attendants so that we can offer aquatic fun this summer. We encourage the public to please share our lifeguard job opportunities with your networks.
Here’s a list of current aquatics possibilities in Seattle parks this summer of 2022:
OUTDOOR POOLS – Open weekend-only June 18-19, and then daily starting Saturday, June 25 through Labor Day.
SPR operates two unique outdoor pools every summer. This year both will offer lap and recreational swim sessions, and Mounger will offer water fitness as well.
INDOOR POOLS – currently open.
The following indoor pools are currently open and will remain open through the summer.
BEACHES – We are planning to operate safe, lifeguarded beaches this summer – and we strongly recommend swimming only where lifeguards are present. Due to difficulties in hiring lifeguards, we are currently working to determine the schedule for lifeguarded beaches.
Once available, we will update this announcement and post the update on our summer beach schedule here.
WADING POOLS –  Our goal is to open as many wading pools as possible this summer, but we need wading attendants to make that happen. We plan to release the wading pool schedule in the next few weeks as we bring staff on board.
YOU CAN HELP! Apply to be a wading pool attendant or share this opportunity family, friends, and neighbors.
Little ones love the cool, shallow water and your grown-up feet will too! We are currently determining which wading pool sites we can operate this summer. Wading pool schedules will be impacted by our ability to hire wading pool attendants.
Once available, we will update this announcement and post our wading pool schedule here.
A number of Seattle parks have water spray features where you and the kiddos can cool off. We will operate 11 sprayparks this summer, beginning Saturday, May 28 until Labor Day.
These sprayparks will be open from 11 am to 8 pm each day of the week:
*Spraypark and wading pool schedules are subject to change (due to weather or damage to the facilities). Check back here for details or follow the SPR Wading Pool Facebook page.
BOAT RAMPS – currently open
There are 7 motorized boat launches within Seattle city limits, and five of them have parking and require permits: Eddie Vine at Golden Gardens; Don Armeni in West Seattle; Stan Sayers, Atlantic St. and Magnuson Park on Lake Washington. Boat launch fees and permit info can be found here.
The launches at 14th Ave NW and Sunnyside Ave. N along the Ship Canal have little to no parking, and do not require a permit.
There are 20+ hand carry boat launches across the city as well.
Find a boat launch in your area and set sail!
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