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School district reports success with summer programming – Star News Group – Star News Group

BRICK TOWNSHIP — The Board of Education acknowledged the success of the Jump Start 2022 summer programming for the Brick Township Public Schools on Tuesday, noting that a total of 240 students attended. 
Jump Start 2022 ran throughout July and August, recently ending on Aug. 12, with the intent to continue educational activities for students throughout the summer, or allow students to get a “jump start” on the upcoming school year. 
Out of the 240 students, 140 participated in the township’s music camp, 97 recovered course credit to stay on track for graduation, 54 attended Math Marvel, and 28 participated in a mindful art immersion experience. 
Alyce Anderson, director of district curriculum, presented a slideshow to the attendees of the Tuesday night meeting, featuring a series of photos depicting the various activities from the programs. 
Some of the activities featured in the presentation included engaging STEM projects, partnered reading, spirit week, art immersion, birdhouse creations and computer work. Some of the programming featured academic teaming, which had students working collaboratively in groups with formal structures to create roles and routines, and teachers practiced these strategies all summer long. Students also utilized a thinkmap, where they break apart text and analyze it through the map structure. 
“These are just a couple of pictures that capture all the things we did this summer,” said Ms. Anderson.
She then thanked the program coordinators, Kelly Romano, Gina Sarabella, Andrew Dorman, Erika Karu and Darren St. Jean, as well as her own supervisory team, noting that running the program, despite keeping them all busy, was a “really great highlight of our summer.” 
The presentation then featured a montage of the various performances from the music camp, which had a showcase on July 28. 
“We really couldn’t have made that happen without our dedicated teachers who really devoted a lot of their summer to making sure our kids had these experiences. I’m very, very, very grateful to all of them, and of course to my super-sups [supervisors],” Ms. Anderson added.
The Brick Township Public Schools District was awarded the Certificate of Excellence in finance and reporting for the previous fiscal year, ending in 2021. 
“I want to compliment the staff, especially the people that work in finance. I’ve been chair of finance now this year and last year I was there on the committee,” said board member Michael Blandina upon the announcement. “I see they work feverishly where they can to save money but do the right thing for the children of Brick Township, and I think that’s important.” 
The award, which has been received by the township six times since 2016, is given to districts that show commitment to transparency and high-quality financial reporting, according to Mr. Blandina.
“I think that’s an accomplishment attributed to the staff working on it, and I felt that the public and the taxpayers and the stakeholders out there should know that– that they work very hard within very tough constraints sometimes imposed by the state and other entities,” he said.
District Business Administrator James Edward, additionally noted, “I already complimented my staff in the business office, but also complimented all the program managers that we work with, because we all have little bits and pieces that come together to make that award happen.” 
He added, “Thank you to everyone who’s involved.”

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