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Salish Kootenai College looks forward to new school year – Char-Koosta News

Mainly clear. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. Low near 55F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph..
Mainly clear. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. Low near 55F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph.
Updated: August 26, 2022 @ 5:53 pm

PABLO — SKC Faculty return on August 29, 2022 for in-service training and orientation. Students return September 5, 2022. SKC is planning for an exciting year 
Making the return to education more affordable (50 percent tuition reduction) 
In order to relieve pressure on our current and incoming students, the SKC College has instituted a 50 percent tuition waiver. All students who attend SKC qualify for a tuition waiver which reduces the overall cost of going to school. 
Federal COVID relief funds were provided to institutions of higher education and SKC decided to support students to be able to continue their education by implementing the waiver. The waiver has been in place and will continue for the 2022-2023 Academic Year. 
Now is a great time to take a few courses.  
Making SKC Credits Transfer and Count – Interstate Passport System
Not only is SKC making the cost of classes more affordable, we also looked at the issue of college credit transfer. SKC participates in the Interstate Passport Network, a network of regionally accredited institution that agree to transfer competed general education requirements as a block in a seamless and efficient process amount its members. 
We know that 18 percent of community college students transfer across state lines. Also, students – almost half – change educational institutions more than once. Therefore, we looked at the program and decided to participate. 
SKC students can take general education requirements (GERs) at SKC, and if they so choose, transfer their block to other institutions within the interstate passport network to which they are admitted. 
Students who transfer their block will Not be required to retake or repeat lower lever GER courses at the receiving institutions. 
The reduced tuition cost and the new Passport System makes educational participation even more affordable and easier. Students do not have to waste limited funds retaking general education requirements, if they plan their course of study. 
For example, students at SKC could complete their general education requirements at SKC and then transfer to Washington State University in Pullman to complete a pharmacy program. This allows student to better leverage their limited financial aid and educational dollars. At SKC, we understand educational costs, so we want to remain competitive and help students achieve their educational dream.
We expect that more universities will come on board with the Interstate Passport system in the next several years. Our goal, the SKC goal, is to position ourselves for the best possible outcome for students. Participating in the Interstate Passport System was a deliberate move to support students. The program streamlines administrative procedures and shortens time to degree, thus saving students money.
Casey Lozar, Board of Regents, for the Montana University System said, “SKC is a leader in promoting success through participation in cutting edge programs like the WICHE Interstate Passport, which allows students to easily transfer their General Education coursework to institutions across the country without losing any progress toward degree. SKC is the very first tribal college in the country to become part of the WICHE Interstate Passport program!” 
Buildings and Campus Visibility 
SKC is completing the construction of a new Health Sciences Building that will provide student instructional space at an improved level. We are excited about more learning space, brighter space, more opportunity for lab involvement and the opportunity for faculty to interface with each other and students in a new building. 
We know that the allied health and health science occupations are a growing segment of the Montana economy and so we are doing our part. SKC is playing a role in training quality personnel to meet that growth segment. We will be in the new facility this fall and are very excited for the students and for SKC staff and faculty. The building is approximately 25,000 square feet. 
The Allied Health Department including certified medical assistants, and the SKC dental program now have a new home. 
The SKC Campus has a new ICON and it is a digital sign by the campus entrance at Highway 93. It is a bison charging into the future. This represents the SKC motto “grounded in tradition – charging into the future.” Our ability to communicate with our students will greatly improve with the new sign. We can communicate important scholarship deadline, campus events, campus closures and create a bit of excitement by the entrance to the campus. 
New Programming to meet the needs of students and employers 
Starting Fall Quarter 2022, Salish Kootenai College will offer two new one-year certificates in Computer Science (CS) and Computer Programming (CP). The Computer Science track emphasis provides fundamental computer science knowledge that will prepare a student to transfer to University of Montana or Montana State University to pursue a Bachelors in Computer Science. The Computer Programming track prepares students for full-stack (front-end and back-end) web development and entry-level programming positions. Both tracks provide a strong foundation in Python programming skills which are in high demand and very employable. Graduates will also be prepared for further study of additional programming languages and advanced computer science topics. 
Additionally, the ITE department offers an AS degree in Information Technology which provides students with a solid background in PC repair technology, Windows and Linux client and server administration, cloud computing (AWS cloud practitioner certification) and computer network administration (CCNA certification preparation). The last day to register for Fall Quarter 2022 is September 9, 2022. Charge into your future at Salish Kootenai College! (www.skc.edu / 406-275-4800)  
Workforce Development Credentials (shorter terms and technical occupations) 
SKC is also meeting local workforce development needs by offering shorter term training programs in the Building Trades and in Automotive Repair. The automotive repair is a 13 week/39 credit training program. The Building Trades training is similar in duration. Applicants need to be registered by September 2nd. Dan Durglo is the contact and can be reached at dan_durglo@skc.edu.  
Continued exceptional youth engagement experiences 
SKC’s Upward Bound grant program was recently funded again! SKC has had an exceptional Upward Bound Program and is one of the longest standing programs at a Tribal College. Local Upward Bound youth participated in the inaugural James Welch Native Lit Festival which brought Indigenous writers together in Missoula, Mt. The experience to hear directly from and visit with acclaimed indigenous writers is a once in a lifetime experience. 
Other SKC Upward Bound students monitored Native plant seedlings in Glacier National Park and toured the park. 
Other participants toured several college campus’s in Montana in preparation for enrollment. 
Interested youth can reach out to the SKC Upward Bound Program by contact Heather Licht at heather_licht@skc.edu or (406) 275-4988.
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