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Programming Note: Frank The Tank Is Banned From Tweeting Anything Negative About The Mets For The Rest Of July – Barstool Sports

A little housekeeping on the blog today letting everyone know that Frank The Tank lost a bet to me after saying the Mets would go 2-8 or 3-7 against the Rangers, Reds, and Marlins, which means he cannot tweet anything negative about the Mets for the rest of July since once again #FrankWasWrong.
I am not writing this as some victory lap for the Mets beating three non-playoff teams or anything of the sort. I just wanted to make sure nobody worries about Frank when he goes radio silent when something bad happens during Mets games, which is something he usually only does when something good happens during Mets games. 
The Mets are facing Sandy Alcantara today, the Braves for three games after that, along with the Padres and Yankees right after the All-Star Break, which will probably lead to a few dicey situations for The Amazins. However, there will not be even a hint of negativity coming from @NJTank99 thanks to yet ANOTHER example of #ClemWasRight. For that, I have a simple message for my fellow Mets fans that will likely be going through it even without The Colossus of Negativity Clout.

All I ask in return for this service is for every Mets fan benefitting from this beautiful silence is to subscribe to the We Gotta Believe YouTube 
For the people that say Frank won’t last a week, a day, or even a minute honoring this bet because he is addicted to negativity, I would like to remind you that he once ate a piece of paper to honor a bet back when his YouTube had single digit followers before he become a viral sensation.
Frank may be a maniac but he is an honorable maniac. Still definitely a maniac though.
If you need Frank’s negativity, I have essentially banished him to yelling at the Mets on his Tik Tok account, which I imagine he will turn into the digital version of The Upside Down.
The Electric Chairs this October are going to kill us all.
UPDATE: Frank has agreed to wear a Braves hat for all of August if he breaks the bet even once. Which he won’t, because he’s a man of honor.

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