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Programmer wanted while I do graphics, marketing, audio, business, visuals (16h per week) – GameDev.net

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How do I work and why work with me?
I am looking for a programmer to team up with while I focus on making everything look and sound good.
I’m a decent enough programmer. But its not my talent. It is not my forte. It is not what I excel at. I do not learn new programming languages easily.
What I am good at however is being efficient. In doing A LOT with very little resources. Making things look good. Making things sound good. Having business talks and figuring out what the best deals are with publishers, marketing people and streamers. In tying all these elemetns together into 1 project/vision. In creating AA quality games. Not AAA, but I dont think it has to be. I think there is a sweet spot just below AAA.
I’ve found that if I do all things and also have to ‘worry’ about the programming that a project just grinds to a halt. If the programming part is not working then I can’t focus on any other tasks until the programming issue is fixed. Which can cause big delays, puts a lot of stress on me and lowers the quality of the end product. So why not team up with someone that loves programming and split the tasks up?
Recently I’ve launched a game on Steam. It is doing fairly well. I will keep spending the majority of my time on it for the forseeable future. I do however also want to keep working on other projects to keep my ‘creative brain fresh’. It is hard to explain perhaps, but I am convinced that this is the best course of action.

So what am I looking for?
I am looking for a programmer who’s decent enough at math/algebra. Who can learn new technologies relatively easily. But I am alslo looking for a programmer who loves to use existing solutions rather than making everything from scratch. Tons of stuff will still have to be made from scratch, but a lot of time can be saved by avoiding that wherever possible.
I’m also looking for a programmer who is determined/persistent. A lot of projects fail because a difficult issue comes along or a task that takes a long time but is not at all fun to work on. So what do a lot of people do? Start working on a new project while the old project dies. I want to avoid that. So I am looking for someone who wants to see the next project through with me from A-Z.
Send me a DM!
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Game developer
Hi Thomaze,
This is Arjun. I am a novice. I have started working on a project but need help from others. So I thought of working for other so I can have more experience and complete my projects. I have seen your post and I like your Idea. I want to stick from A to Z and learn things and move forward. If you are okay I am interested to join in your project. Please let me know on this. Thanks


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