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Press Release: Mayor Bowser Announces Funding for 113 Nonprofit Organizations to Increase Out-of-School Time Programming for 15000 Youth – The DC Line

News Release — Executive Office of the Mayor and the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Education
November 28, 2022
Susana Castillo (EOM)
Ben Fritsch (DME)
(WASHINGTON, DC) – Today, Mayor Muriel Bowser announced 113 nonprofit organizations that will receive grant funding from the Office of Out of School Time Grants and Youth Outcomes (OST Office) to create and expand opportunities beyond the school day for approximately 15,000 school-aged youth. The $16.4 million investment will provide students with opportunities to access free or low-cost activities focused on academics, arts, athletics, dance, financial literacy, mentoring, music, social-emotional support, STEM, and much more. Families can explore available programming on the OST website through the Learn24 Program Finder.
“We know that on top of all the incredible work going on in our schools, our students need and deserve access to high-quality and engaging programming before and after school and on the weekends,” said Mayor Bowser. “These organizations are working with our schools to ensure all students have pathways to success and opportunities to explore and cultivate their interests and talents, and we encourage families to reach out if they need help finding a program.”
Since October 2017, the OST Office has worked to improve the quality of OST programs in the District by facilitating workshops that improve the skills of youth development professionals, supporting capacity building within organizations, and partnering with organizations that improve the educational, social, emotional, and physical health outcomes of young people.
“These organizations have demonstrated a strong ability to connect with our youth in their communities, in a way that creates positive outcomes that will shape the future of the children involved,” said Dr. Shontia Lowe, Executive Director of the OST Office. “Positive youth development is cultivated through continued partnerships with organizations focused on delivering high-quality programming that is responsive to our youth’s needs, and that allows our youth to have fun, whilst engaging in activities that align with their passions, desires, and interests.”
The OST Office leads the Learn24 network, which consists of OST programs, government agencies, the Commission on Out of School Time Grants and Youth Outcomes, the Institute for Youth Development, and other key stakeholders that are committed to ensuring all DC youth have access to quality OST programs.
The following organizations will receive funding during Fiscal Year 2023 and School Year 2022-2023:
Learn more about the OST Office at learn24.dc.gov.  
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