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Pod Digital Media unveils new programming featuring Jalen Rose and Kenny Burns – AL DIA News

The platform works hand in hand with Black and Latino podcasters.
The first multicultural network of podcast agencies recently announced the inclusion of these two podcasters on its list of independent narrators.
Through the partnership with Jalen Rose, the company will act as the official ad sales representative for the weekly Renaissance Man podcast, joining the roster of independent podcasters, media companies, media networks, and PDM publishers who monetize through advertising placements during taped episodes.
Gary Coichy, CEO and head of partnerships for Pod Digital Media, stated:

Mr. Rose’s candor has resonated with an audience far from just sports, but with the modern man in general and this deal with The Renaissance Man adds another layer to our premium offering for our advertisers.
Covering the latest trends in fashion, entertainment, travel, food and wine, technology, and more, this lifestyle and culture podcast hosted by Rose was launched in September 2020 with The New York Post.
From veteran NBA star, best-selling author, philanthropist, and current sports analyst, this podcast features engaging and “much-needed” conversations.

The agreement with Pod Digital Media provides opportunities for appropriate advertisers to effectively reach Renaissance Man’s highly engaged audience.
“I’m looking forward to working with Pod Digital Media to further enhance our efforts and maximize our advertising potential. The podcast has had tremendous growth and we are ready to take it to the next level in year three!” stressed Rose. 
New episode of the @JalenRose: Renaissance Man Podcast out now. Listen to the full episode with special guest @RealEarthquake

Apple: https://t.co/8JsmHR7pea
Spotify: https://t.co/z36pPdruXI pic.twitter.com/ngOsy78aIY
Another new product comes alongside cutting-edge lifestyle specialist, culture creator, and entertainment industry veteran Kenny Burns, whose show covers new perspectives on cultural news through high-energy interaction.
“The list of quality content creators we currently represent has just scaled upward in the podcast ecosystem and will generate more opportunities for companies we work with to align with podcasters for the best delivery of their brands’ message,” added Coichy.
Located in New York, this is the first network of multicultural podcast agencies and certified minority-owned small businesses.
It exclusively caters to podcasters with multicultural audiences and connects them with blue chip advertisers for special, seasonal and long-term investments. The agency includes more than 400 podcasts, which primarily reach black and Hispanic audience segments, to place ads on its shows and deliver tangible results to advertisers.
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