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PHP – Getting Started PHPUnit test with simple example

PHPUnit is a one type of unit testing framework for PHP language. In todays PHPUnit is very popular for testing. Most of site owner want to implement PHPUnit test because that way we can simply test using command. Without testing our website will never be good to publish. But if you don’t know about PHPUnit and no idea how to start so just follow bellow example for scratch.

I will give you very simple example of PHPUnit and how it works from scratch. I make quick easy example with phpunit command. We have to create two file like as listed bellow:



Before start example make sure you have installed PHP. So you have to just follow bellow files to complete example.

Download PHPUnit

wget https://phar.phpunit.de/phpunit.phar

php phpunit.phar --version

Create MyTest.php File


class MyTest


public function add($a, $b)


return $a + $b;



Create MyTestTests.php File


require 'MyTest.php';

use PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase;

class MyTestTests extends TestCase


private $mytest;

protected function setUp()


$this->mytest = new MyTest();


protected function tearDown()


$this->mytest = NULL;


public function testAdd()


$result = $this->mytest->add(1, 3);

$this->assertEquals(4, $result);



Now we are ready to run bellow simple example by following example:

php phpunit.phar MyTestTests.php

You will be find this way result:

I hope it can help you…

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