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Pest Posse TV announces August programming – Pest Management Professional Pest Management Professional – Pest Management Professional magazine

August 4, 2022
The content The Pest Posse is offering in August is in line with its mission to be “a trusted resource for training and information pest management professionals (PMPs) need to sharpen their skills and gain knowledge.”
Check out The Pest Posse TV lineup for August:
Pest Posse TV is accessible on The Pest Posse website and features new weekly video content — tips, techniques, product reviews, training and pest control-related industry updates — to viewers who sign up for free.
The Pest Posse is based in Santa Clara, Calif., and provides a continuing online and in-person training solution, as well as consulting options, to PMPs.
The Pest Posse Academy Express Training in August will have Culley Christensen from The Pest Posse providing an overview of Rockwell Labs EcoVia 3-in-1. This is a botanical insecticide, miticide and fungicide that is a winning combination of efficacy and flexibility. Taking place Aug. 9, it will be free to members of The Pest Posse.
* “Today’s PMP” airs on Pest Posse TV on the last Saturday of every month. Created in partnership with PMP magazine, the series checks in with PMP Senior Editor Diane Sofranec on the latest developments in the pest control industry, and takes a sneak peek at what will be inside the latest issue.
Ellen Wagner is the digital editor for PMP magazine. She can be reached at ewagner@northcoastmedia.net.
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