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Orange County Libraries and Youth Literacy to get $185,000 funding to support programming – The Chronicle

New or enhanced programming with a primary focus on youth offerings at several Orange County libraries will be supported by
funding totaling $185,000, Senator James Skoufis (D-Hudson Valley) announced on Tuesday. He joined library leaders from across Orange County at the Goshen Public Library & Historical Society. for the occasion.
“Libraries are no longer just a place where you take out books,” said Senator Skoufis. “They are the community hub. If you’re looking for a job, if you’re a student in need of research tools, if you’re a community group in need of space to gather… the role of and technology available within libraries has transformed over the years.”
“With this new state funding,” Skoufis continued, “we’re directly supporting these libraries as they continue to evolve to meet programmatic needs, especially where youth programs are concerned. I am honored to bring back local tax dollars to support these vital community hubs across the county.”
“This boost to our budget will allow for continued expansion of our programs, and we thank Senator Skoufis for this generous funding,” said Goshen Public Library Interim Director Michelle Muller. “Children are made readers in the laps of their parents, and we must do all we can to facilitate that by helping parents and children learn the joy, love, and community of reading. This funding will enable us to add more programming, such as visits from authors to show children what it takes to write a book. This funding will allow us to ensure that literacy at all ages is met.”
“We’re often cornerstones of our communities, offering local families connections: to each other, to first friends, to parenting resources, to virtual worlds, and so much more. We will make good use of this critical funding,” said Greenwood Lake Public Library Director Jill Cronin.
Other funding recipients include Florida Public Library, Warwick’s Albert Wisner Public Library, Greenville Resource Center, Port Jervis Free Library, Middletown’s Thrall Library, and Cornwall Public Library.
Emma Fuentes
Director of Communications
Office of NYS Senator James Skoufis (NY-39)
47 Grand Street | Newburgh, N.Y. 12550
E. fuentes@nysenate.gov
O. 845-567-1270 x. 1688
C. 518-573-1409
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