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Okemo Valley TV Producer Awards – The Vermont Journal & The Shopper – Vermont Journal

LUDLOW, Vt. – Okemo Valley TV, the community station and media center serving the Black River Valley and Okemo region, has announced the winners of its annual Producer Awards. The awards are given to community members and volunteers who have been active in producing programming over the past year. The four annual awards are given for Producer of the Year, Best Youth Programming, Community Impact, and Outstanding Achievement.
Producer of the Year – Amy Mosher, for her dedicated coverage of Green Mountain Union High School soccer games. In total, Amy recorded 15 games, for both the girls’ and boys’ teams.
Youth Programming – For the second consecutive year, local librarian Kata Welch is our “Youth Programming Producer of the Year.” Kata is the most prolific producer and host of children’s programming for Okemo Valley TV. She brings an energetic and entertaining style to “Story Time,” reading from a wide selection of children’s books. She is leaving her post as the Cavendish Town librarian in August, but don’t worry – she’s not going far. She will take over as the school librarian at Chester-Andover Elementary.
Outstanding Achievement – Dr. Linda Thomson, a clinical hypnotherapist, is also a children’s book author. Her series “Harry the Hypnopotamus” is a book aimed at helping kids cope with stress and anxiety using techniques of hypnosis. The latest edition, written just a few months ago is, “Harry Goes to Save the Children of Ukraine,” with illustrations from Jane Hart and read in Ukrainian by Svetlana Phillips, a local resident who is from Ukraine. The book reading was recorded in the Okemo Valley TV studio and the production was shared with humanitarian service agencies overseas, with the intent of supporting children who have been displaced and whose lives have been upset by the ongoing war. For this effort, Dr. Thomson received the Outstanding Achievement award.
Community Impact – For the last two years, yoga instructor Liza Eaton has been offering virtual sessions, held over video conferencing. She then sends the recordings to Okemo Valley TV for sharing with the wider community. The station has received abundant positive feedback about carrying Liza’s yoga sessions, which is evidence that she’s had an impact. For this, Liza received this year’s Community Service Award.
The awards, which are maple plaques made by Rockledge Farm Woodworking, were handed out during Okemo Valley TV’s Annual Meeting on June 23. A short video sampling from the awards ceremony can be viewed on the station’s website at www.okemovalley.tv/okemo-valley-tv-awards-night-2022. To view any of the videos from the award recipients, go online to the “Videos” page on the station’s website, www.okemovalley.tv/videos, and type in the person’s name in the Producer field. For more information about the station and how to get involved, visit www.okemovalley.tv or call 802-228-8808.
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