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Obiee Interview Questions and Answers

What is Obiee and its full form?

The OBIEE (stands for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) is a tool developed for professionals working in the field of Business Intelligence. It is useful for developing business strategies, preparing business reports, performing ad-hoc analysis and OLAP.

What is Obiee used for?

OBIEE is a complete solution for business intelligence that allows the professionals to analyze the business reports. The business decisions are taken through these reports. It provides a better insight into the information that needs to be processed. The information can be accessed through the dashboards, scorecards and interactive interfaces.

What is rpd in Obiee?

RPD is the OBIEE repository database that contains the meta information about the Business intelligence server. It is useful for caching data, security, data modelling and data about the connectivity. The rpd file is a secured file with password protection, and it can only be accessed through Oracle BI tool.

Does Obiee support snowflake schema?

Yes, OBIEE supports snowflake schema. It is a schema where one fact table connects different dimension tables, that are in normalized form. In order to satisfy some business conditions, these are joined in a particular logic. This is because data analysis is performed through these tables.     

What Are The Key Configuration Files In Obiee?

The key configuration files in OBIEE are NQSConfig.ini, instanceconfig.xml, odbc.ini, NQSCluster.ini, logconfig.xml and bi-environment.xml.

What is IBots in Obiee?

iBOT (Intelligent Bursting and Output Tool ) is used for scheduling alerts sent to and reports. they provide real-time reports and can be used for data analytics. By a combination of a trigger event and a scheduler, it can send analytic reports that can be targeted at specific users. This analytic data can be sent to the user through their dashboards and also through emails.

Cognos vs Obiee which is better?


IBM Cognos

It has an interface that is complex.

Its interface has a lot of features and is user-friendly.

There are no read or write controls here.

It is possible to make a connection read-only.

Its repository is filed based and the data source can be reached easily.

Its data repository is not documented and can be accessed easily.

It can work with only one repository at a particular time.

It can work with multiple repositories.

Based on the data, it can be stated that IBM Cognos is better than OBIEE.

What is the connection pool in Obiee?

The connection pool is an object that contains data about the connection between the data source and the Oracle BI server. It is present in the Physical layer. At least one connection pool is available for each database in the physical layer. A dedicated connection pool needs to be developed for the initialization blocks.

How to create dashboard prompts in Obiee?

Prompts are used for altering or modifying the business analysis reports. The dashboard prompt can be created by going to new, then dashboard prompt and selecting the subject area.

How to add variance to union reports in Obiee?

Variance can be added to union reports in OBIEE by going to the Sources folder and clicking on Variance.

How does visual analyzer work in Obiee?

The visual analyzer in OBIEE is important for helping the users to visualize the business data and draw insights from it. Data sources can be developed that consist of the data that needs to be analyzed. The different folders, analysis reports, and projects can be stored in the catalog.

What is a presentation variable in Obiee?

A presentation variable is developed to create a variable or column prompt. The user decides the value and name of the variable when it is initially. This variable takes the value of the column if it is part of the column prompt.

How to use a presentation variable in Obiee?

The presentation variable is used in filtering data based on the arguments passed in it.

How to send a cross-domain request to Obiee?

Cross-domain requests can be sent through iBOTs.

What are the default application roles in Obiee 12c?

The default application roles in OBIEE 12C are:

  • BIConsumer – This is used to allow the users to get access to the dashboards, analysis reports, and agents that already exist.
  • BIAuthor – This is used to allow users to develop new dashboards, analysis reports, and Business Intelligence objects.
  • BIAdministrator – This lets the user monitor the entire system. They can alter the privileges and catalog permissions.
  • BIAnalyst – This allows the users to develop and alter analysis reports, but they cannot modify the dashboards.

How to use Query repository tool used?

The Query repository tool lets the user analyze the repository metadata tool. The objects can be searched using this tool. It is also useful for analyzing the relation among metadata objects.

How to edit graph prompt selections in Obiee?

The graph prompt selections can be edited using the prompt editor.

How to unarchive on Obiee 11g?

The steps to unarchive in Obiee 11g are as follows:

  • Open catalog in offline mode using the catalog manager.
  • Go to the location where you want to unarchive the catalog.
  • Click on unarchive form the File menu.
  • Provide the path name of the folder in the Archive Path Field. Click on browse to choose the path name.
  • Click on OK to complete the unarchiving process.

How to create time dimension hierarchy in OBIEE standalone?

 The steps to create time dimension hierarchy in Obiee are:

  • The repository must be opened in offline mode.
  • A logical dimension of the product is required.
  • Make logical levels.
  • Add the child levels.
  • Associate logical levels along with logical columns.
  • The logical level keys have to be set.

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