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Neruppu Da! This programming language is packed with punch dialogues of Superstar Rajinikanth – Analytics India Magazine

Programmer Aadhithya Sankar had a light bulb moment six years ago when he came across an esolang called ArnoldC. Since then, he wanted to create an esolang for Indian movie icon, Rajinikanth. Recently, he released Rajini++, a programming language that runs on Python, wherein the syntax and keywords are based on the dialogues of Superstar Rajinikanth.
Presenting rajini++, a programming language based on iconic #SuperstarRajinikanth @rajinikanth dialogues! #rajiniPlusPlus
Rajini++ or Rajinipp runs on Python version 3.8 or higher. To install the interpreter, use the command: ‘pip install rajinipp’. 
Rajini++ supports the following features:
The rajini++ programs are stored in .rpp files. To run a rajini++ program, you just need to run the following command: rajinipp run path/to/my_program.rpp. The rajinipp Python package also provides an interactive shell (experimental) to try out rajini++ commands.
Since the rajinipp interpreter is written completely in Python, it is possible to run rajini++ code inside Python scripts. However, Aadhithya said, the programming language is not built for enterprise-grade software development.
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