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Most/Least Popular Programming Languages for Cloud Development – Virtualization Review

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What programming language is No. 1 for cloud development? Java, of course.
Java tops most lists that rank the most popular programming languages for cloud development. But a new report from Slashdata provides a twist on such rankings, as it also lists the languages that are least popular. Specifically, that information is included in the firm’s quarterly series of State of the Developer Nation reports, now in its 22nd edition for Q1 2022.
Java tops the popularity list, unsurprisingly, also being identified as being most popular in mobile while being least popular for data science/machine learning and web.
Other languages being listed as most popular for cloud include:
In the least popular side of things, the languages are:
Here’s the full list, with “cloud” highlighted:
“Java is one of the most important general-purpose languages, as well as the cornerstone of the Android app ecosystem,” Slashdata said. “Although it has been around for more than two decades now, it keeps experiencing strong and steady growth. Nearly 5M developers have joined the Java community since the beginning of 2021. Our data suggest that Java’s growth is fueled not only by the usual suspects, i.e. backend and mobile development, but also by its rising adoption in AR/VR projects.”
The Slashdata “most popular” chart aligns with many of the vast amount of best-programming-languages-for-cloud rankings available on the web, including:
You get the picture. There are plenty more, but all of the above serve to clearly show what industry pundits most commonly see as the core group of programming languages most suitable for cloud computing.
Other language-related data points of the Slashdata report include:
Here’s what Slashdata said about its programming language ranking:
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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.

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