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Monday Night Jazz Programming Updates – WYSO

Dear listeners,
It’s with mixed feelings that I share with you some updates to our Monday night lineup.
First, the bittersweet: after four stellar years of sharing Jazz music on Monday nights, Duante Beddingfield is stepping away from hosting to focus his full attention on his role as arts and culture reporter for the Detroit Free Press. The last edition of Equinox will air on June 13, 2022.
“As a child, I dreamed of hosting a radio show, and would record fake “broadcasts” on a little cassette device and cut in songs I liked. I certainly never imagined that in my mid-thirties, the opportunity would fall right into my lap and my dream would become reality. Then, late 2020, I got my dream job here in Detroit and, thanks to the pandemic keeping my work demands light, for a while I got to live two dreams at once. I feel so fortunate for that, and to be part of the WYSO family. And I’m especially proud of all the young people and listeners of all ages I converted into jazz lovers. Nothing I’ve done makes me more proud than that,” says Duante.
I’m pleased to share with you that Jazz programming will remain strong on WYSO as we welcome a familiar voice back to the airwaves. Starting June 20, longtime WYSO host Dave Barber is returning with a new program, NiteTrane, which will air Monday nights, 8-10pm followed by NPR’s Jazz Night in America, hosted by celebrated Jazz musician Christian McBride.
Please join me in thanking Duante for years of wonderful, thoughtful music here on WYSO and in welcoming Dave Barber back to our airwaves.
As always, I’m eager to hear your thoughts about the music here on WYSO. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime at jfromholt@wyso.org
Yours in music and community,
Juliet Fromholt
WYSO Music Director


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