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MJF not expected to appear on AEW programming in the near future – Wrestling News

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

As many of you saw last night, MJF took several powerbombs from Wardlow before getting pinned. It was also made clear that he was being written off for the time being because he was taken out of the ring on a stretcher.
There were reports earlier in the day that MJF was not at the building and that is true. He showed up shortly before his match and then left the building right after the match was over.
MJF is still with the company but do not expect to see him for a while. Last night at the media scrum, Tony Khan said that he would not be commenting on the MJF situation. While there are certain aspects to this story that are legitimate, there are also signs that MJF is doing things that are inspired by Brian Pillman so who knows what is next when he returns.

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