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Matter Labs Launches zkSync 2.0 Mainnet 'Baby Alpha' – Crypto Times

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Matter Labs launches the much-awaited Ethereum Layer 2 network zkSync into the mainnet called the ‘Baby Alpha’ phase.
Baby Alpha is here! We are proud to announce that today we hit our Baby Alpha milestone and have begun the march to Fair Onboarding Alpha and Full Launch Alpha.https://t.co/8PBC9sRNPS

What we've accomplished and what's ahead 🧵 (1/6) pic.twitter.com/oOs5oNtHzs
In order to run a series of real-money stress tests on the system to ensure it is operating properly and functioning as planned, there won’t be any external projects or users during this phase.
In the Baby Alpa phase, the team will test the system under stress using various use cases and conduct security audits with skilled auditors.
They will run competitions and bug bounty campaigns and ensure that the data on transactions, blocks, etc. on our block explorer is of the highest caliber.
zkSync 2.0’s technical manual could be improved and they will try to enhance examples and tutorials to make onboarding developers as simple as possible.
There are plans to release SDKs in many languages to enable the development of more varied applications. Baby Alpha is not expected to deliver a high-performing (high TPS) system, but rather a feature-complete one.
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After finishing the tasks assigned for Baby Alpha, the Matter Labs team will carry out the Fair Onboarding process. Fair onboarding means they accept all projects in our ecosystem and refrain from selecting favorites or winners. 
Users won’t be able to access the system during this time. Fair Onboarding Alpha will give projects the chance to test the system and allow for more checks to be carried out to guarantee the security of zkSync and its users. 
In this phase, they will allow deployed contracts for registered projects and increase the number of security audits, competitions, and bug bounty schemes.
The team will improve developer tools, such as the Hardhat plugins and increase the range of programming languages available in SDKs.
In the full launch alpha phase, zkSync 2.0 will be open for all users. Over 150 projects from across the ecosystem have already committed to launching on zkSync 2.0.
Although we aim to hit Full Launch Alpha before the end of the year, we will put security first and consider extending the Fair Onboarding stage into 2023, ensuring we open the system to the community in the safest environment possible. 
In this phase, they will expand bridging capabilities and announce new bridging projects. The team will also run additional security audits and work to reduce the overall cost of contract deployment and transactions.
They will also improve TPS performance to at least an order of magnitude more than Ethereum.
The announcement notes “In support of Ethereum’s mission, we will decentralize the zkSync 2.0 protocol, including proof generation, block production, and transaction validation. We are already thinking about how to decentralize parts of the system and will provide clear instructions on how to run nodes.”
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