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Learn Python programming in 113 hours with this $40 bundle – Engadget

When choosing your first programming language, one thing you should consider is the type of projects you want to work on, whether that’s web development or automation. But if you’re not sure which to specialize in, picking up a versatile language like Python can give you flexibility when exploring the fields you enjoy most.
However, learning a coding language can be challenging without a structured study plan. The 2023 Premium Python Programming Mega Certification Bundle has 14 courses led by experienced developers that can teach you beginner to advanced skills, and it’s on sale for $40. These teachers include Ardit Sulce, the founder of PythonHow, and best-selling Udemy instructor Joseph Delgadillo.
If you have zero coding experience, Python in a Weekend is an excellent place to start. It’s designed for beginners and can introduce you to the language’s fundamentals, such as variables, strings, loops and functions within four hours. It also includes three practice projects: a pickalator, a word counter and a Twitter bot.

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For a more in-depth look, you can take the Python Mega Course, which offers 25 hours of training on how to build production code for real-world applications. These lessons cover concepts such as list comprehension with if and if-else conditional statements, keyword and non-keyword arguments and standard Python and third-party modules.
Once you’ve developed a solid understanding of Python, you can explore different ways to use it. For example, prospective game developers can learn how to create interactive elements in Create an Escape Room With Python. But if you’re interested in machine learning, you might prefer Python and Android TensorFlow Lite, where you’ll discover how to deploy classification and regression models.
Course list:
Learn to Code with Python 3
Build a Medical Diagnosis Bot with Python
Python Programming for Beginners+Python Bootcamp In a Day
Tkinter Python and Python GUI With Tkinter Desktop Application
Python Programming: Machine Learning, Deep Learning
NumPy Python Programming Language Library From Scratch A-Z
Machine Learning Python With Theoretically for Data Science
Python in a Weekend: The Easiest Python for Beginners Course
Python and Android TensorFlow Lite — Machine Learning for App Development
Django Crash Course with Examples
Data Visualization on the Browser With Python and Bokeh
The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications
The Complete Python Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced
Create an Escape Room With Python
Learning Python is an excellent way to sharpen your OOP, scripting and app development skills. The 2023 Premium Python Programming Mega Certification Bundle offers training in these areas and more, and you can purchase it today for $40, or under $3 per course.
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