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JOB PURPOSE The job holder will: Lead the technical design of the IPPFAR’s SRHR strategic direction to strengthen our technical leadership, and drive sustainable, innovative and cost-effective strategies to deliver quality, rights based and comprehensive SRHR information, services and programmes. They will: Develop technical guidance in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights programming for IPPF Africa Regional Office, including position papers, policy briefs and concept notes and contribute to IPPF’s global thought leadership in SRHR Design strategic approaches to incubate and advance existing technical capabilities within the region, in collaboration with other regions and program managers Lead strategic thinking and actions in new SRHR areas of work and enhance inclusiveness, non-discrimination and equality in SRRH conceptual developments and work within the secretariat and MAs. Lead resource mobilisation initiatives, in close collaboration with the resource mobilisation by using evidence to develop new SRHR programming and strengthen and/or sustain ongoing SRHR programs in the region Lead and manage the effective development, coordination, implementation, and assessment of approved unrestricted and restricted funding projects assigned to the position. Bear responsibility and accountability for the achievements of IPPFAR SRHR restricted funding projects expected results as provided in the relevant and approved restricted funding projects documents.
B. KEY TASKS SRHR technical management • Lead the strategic planning and program development processes of technical themes to ensure alignment to IPPF strategic framework and any regional priorities • Develop technical inputs and outputs of the ARO SRHR technical team and provide regular updates to the Head of Programmes • Design, introduce and implement new and innovative evidence based SRHR proposals/projects for the region to achieve regional targets • Lead strategy development to build a sustainable high quality integrated SRHR program in the region (Quality-Integrated Package of Essential Services, Commodity security management, Services integration, Client centred and Discrimination management, Diversification of income generation on service provision etc.) • Lead on all innovative technical guidelines and models to assist member associations to become enablers of other organisations to co-deliver regional objectives (Social franchising, Public-Private Partnership, Clustering, Social marketing, Tasks Shifting, Contracting, Digital health, Peer provision, Self-care etc.)**
• **Provide technical SRHR leadership and content to IPPF ARO and AR MA, ensuring that a strategic, integrated approach to clinical management, SRH program strengthening, and service delivery strategies are maximizing success • Actively lead the quality assurance of all technical themes in the Programmes Department including but not limited to contraception, cervical cancer, female genital mutilations, abortion, fistula and HIV/SRH integration • Ensure programme interventions at regional level is interlinked to key SRHR thematic areas (Youth, Quality-Integrated Package of Essential Services, Gender and Humanitarian response) • Proactively lead the monitoring of overall progress of the SRHR programmes and projects implementation in the region • Lead actions to transfer technical knowledge and expertise to IPPF ARO technical team and Member associations • Lead the contribution of the program team to ensuring IPPF ARO Business Cycle is implemented as required • Conceptualize, lead, and provide technical oversight on SRHR research • Generate knowledge and develop learning and sharing approaches through publications, webinars and other knowledge sharing platforms
Partnerships and Inter-departmental / inter-office collaboration
• Lead the design of the SRHR programming budget, monitor expenditure/and regularly provide accurate explication/feedback on status of budget • In collaboration with the Project advisors/manager, support the implementation of restricted projects in line with IPPF and other donor’s requirements • In collaboration with the Lead Budget and Finance specialist oversee technical programme budgets, monitor expenditure and costs against benefits that are realised as the programme progresses • In close collaboration with the Lead Specialist Proposal Writing and Grant Management, mobilise additional funds to develop and strengthen and/or sustain ongoing SRHR projects in the region • Collaborate with the External Relations and Advocacy team to build strategic partnerships with governments, civil society, private organisations, UN agencies and donors to implement SRHR programmes in the region • Collaborate with External Relations and Advocacy team to provide support in the preparation and implementation of regional donors’ meetings • Collaborate with ARO peer to peer team to provide an oversight role for SRHR technical capacity development between MAs. • Collaborate with ARO peer to peer team to increase number of member associations recognized locally and regionally as centres of excellence and/or technical assistance provider organisation. • Work with the Strategy & Organizational Development department to oversee operational and technical studies at country and regional levels. • Collaborate with Strategy & Organizational Development and External Relations & Communication teams to map, document SRHR promising/best practices in the region for an effective communication, knowledge sharing and learning • Strengthen linkages and collaboration between the Programme Department and other secretariat departments/units • Develop, maintain, and manage a substantive and technical collaboration with regional platforms in SRHR Other • Contribute to the work of the management team and provide advice on office management**
• **Advise ARO SMT on trends, opportunities and strategies related to all clinical, technical and programme related issues on sexual and reproductive health and documents them • Contribute to the management of the program team to support the department delivering on its performance objectives in line with IPPFAR joint priorities and deliverables. • Guide and advise SRHR specialists to set annual performance objectives against office priorities and to achieve departmental set targets • Work closely with the Head of Programmes department as well as other senior program lead across the federation to advance the SRHR agenda • Contribute in an active manner to the development, monitoring and assessment of the regional office and MAs strategies and business plans • Build and maintain positive relationships with all members of staff, and contacts outside the Federation, including with representatives of Ministries of Health, UNFPA, and other agencies as required • Collaborate within the remit of the post and in line with IPPF’s Gender Equality Policy to ensure gender is effectively mainstreamed • Take collective responsibility for safeguarding, including child protection • Promote inclusiveness and non-discrimination To undertake any other duties as may be requested from time to time.
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