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John Carmack describes his programming setup – Boing Boing

In this clip, Lex Fridman’s interview with John Carmack gets right to the point: his programming setup! I love his thorough attitude toward using debuggers—”your head is a faulty interpreter”—and his description of using vi to code as “civil war re-enactment”. If you’re just wondering about the Stuff he Uses, jump to 11:30.
CP/M, the more capable of the two operating systems offered for the popular Amstrad CPC range of home computers, is now unequivocally open-source. Though it has been purportedly open source for some time, the license contained a peculiar specificity whereas the new wording is “equivalent to the well-known BSD or MIT licenses.” READ THE REST
Windows XP Delta Edition is not one of those web-based aesthetic dream OSes evoking a more perfect inflection point at the cusp of the new millennium. Nor is it a clever theme for Linux evoking a similar techiraeth. It is a real cut of Windows XP itself, perfected for the third decade of the twenty-first… READ THE REST
Lucky buyers of the first release of Adobe Illustrator in 1987 received a VHS cassette with creator John Warnock’s demonstration of the exciting new drawing software. I couldn’t afford a Mac or Illustrator in those days, but I had a PC clone and a copy of CorelDraw, both of which I used to lay out… READ THE REST
We thank our sponsor for making this content possible; it is not written by the editorial staff nor does it necessarily reflect its views.  While you do almost everything on your phone today, from buying groceries to finding out what that ex-buddy from high school is doing these days, there’s nothing quite like putting pen to paper. Psychology… READ THE REST
With around a million people using American Sign Language in the U.S. these days, there’s a chance you’ll encounter someone who uses this way of communication, even if you don’t personally know anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing. That’s why more folks are becoming interested in learning ASL, understanding the importance of being able… READ THE REST
Whether it’s Jimmy Page, Slash, or Jimi Hendrix, watching your favorite rocker can make those fantastic guitar riffs sound easy. But if you’ve ever picked up a guitar before, you know that acquiring those skills is easier said than done. It takes a lot of practice, a few calluses, and serious dedication to sound the way… READ THE REST
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