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IMG Academy 2023 Camp Pass and Camp Programming Now Available – IMG Academy

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IMG Academy’s camp programming is now available for 2023, including summer sport camps, summer camps, holiday camps, spring training programs, position-specific options, and the 2023 Camp Pass.
As IMG Academy’s most flexible booking option, Camp Pass allows customers to lock in the best camp rates of the year while ensuring complete flexibility. With a Camp Pass. campers will purchase a Pass reflecting the camp program of their choice, and then they’ll have the ability to redeem the Pass at a later time for the date(s) of their choice.
For all 2023 camp programs as well as Camp Pass, the available sports include:

Sport camps offer dedicated athletes to register for one of IMG’s four programs (Camp, Total Athlete, Breakthrough, Game Changer.) These options were created by expert coaches with each student-athlete’s needs in mind. A program like Breakthrough is available for ages 11-18 and includes a more personalized training session while Total Athlete, which is available for ages 12-18, includes a specialization in addition to group training sessions, such as Leadership and Communication or Mental Performance. Game Changer, available for ages 12-18, includes both of these options and is our ultimate training experience.
Adults can also start to plan out camps for tennis, golf, and performance. IMG offers all-inclusive packages and promotions for families traveling together, including exclusive offers at Legacy Hotel, the most convenient accommodation option located just steps from the West Campus gates. Families of youth campers will receive promo codes for adult camps and for Legacy Hotel after booking a camp program.
IMG Academy continues to offer a growing variety of camps and programming and cannot wait to see you on campus as you aspire to reach the next level.
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