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How to Subscribe Cleaned Contact to your Audience in Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is a popular email marketing software. It lets you handle mailing lists, newsletters and develop automated email campaigns. Using this tool, you can target customers and send them letters for marketing your services.

Proper email marketing requires an updated list of contacts. In Mailchimp, an Audience is like a book of contacts. It allows you to collect subscribed, non-subscribed and unsubscribed contact details.

In this tutorial, we will look at the steps to subscribe cleaned contacts to your Audience.

Subscribe cleaned contacts to Audience

Step 1: Log in to your Mailchimp account

Step 2: Navigate to the Audience and then click on View Contacts

Mail Chimp Audience Dashboard

Step 3: In the Audience Dashboard, click on Signup forms

Mail Chimp Signup Form

Step 4: The Signup forms window will open up. Click on the Form builder section 

Mail Chimp Formbuilder

Step 5: In the Form builder window, you’ll see a Signup form URL box with a URL. Copy it 

Mail Chimp Signup Url

  • You need to send this URL to the user for whom you want to enable subscription. When you open this link in the browser, a Signup form will open.

Mail Chimp Signup Form

Please enter the required details like Email Address, First Name & Last Name and click on the Subscribe Button 

Step 6: In the next step, it will check whether you are a ROBOT. It will ask you to Confirm Humanity  

Mail Chimp Confirm Humnity

Click on I’m not a robot button. Then, click on Subscribe

A box called Test will open up. It will show you a message Email is already subscribed to list Test. Click here to update your profile

Step 7: Please click on the link “Click here to update your profile”.

Mail Chimp Update Profile

Step 8: Now a box named Tender will open up. It will ask you to allow the software to send you a link on your mailbox. You can use this link to update your preferences. 

For this, click on the Email Me A Link button as shown below.  

Mail Chimp Email Me A Link

This will send a confirmation email to your inbox.

Mail Chimp Conformation Email

Step: 9: Now, you will receive an email to update your preferences

Click on the Update your preferences link

Mail  Chimp Update Preferences

Step 10: In the next screen, you will be asked to enter your details to subscribe to the mailing list.

Please give your details and click on the Update Profile button.

Mail Chimp Update Profile

Then, a confirmation window will be displayed. 

Mail Chimp Conformation Page

This means that your email id is subscribed to the given mailing list successfully.


Hope the steps described above have helped you subscribe an email ID to the mailing list of your choice. You can visit the Audience dashboard to learn more about your contacts and how to connect with them.

If you have any issues, drop in a line for us below.    

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