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How to merge two array with same keys without loop in PHP ?

you want to merge two array but without overwrite value then you can see how to merge two array in following example.you have two array and you want to merge with overwrite with key then you fetch many problem. like this two array :

My Array:

$array1 = [

'0'=> ['name'=>'Hardik','Surname'=>'Savani'],

'1'=> ['name'=>'Harsukh','Surname'=>'Makawana'],


$array2 = [

'0'=> ['name1'=>'Harshad','Surname1'=>'Pathak'],

'1'=> ['name1'=>'Vimal','Surname1'=>'Kashiyani'],


AND You want to merge like that :




[0] => Array


[name] => Hardik

[Surname] => Savani

[name1] => Harshad

[Surname1] => Pathak


[1] => Array


[name] => Harsukh

[Surname] => Makawana

[name1] => Vimal

[Surname1] => Kashiyani



Then you want to make this array without any loop, then you can use array_map() and array_merge(). this both function help to make this output as you want like this way to use.


$result = array_map(function($array1,$array2){

return array_merge(isset($array1) ? $array1 : array(), isset($array2) ? $array2 : array());



Try this………

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