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How to disable Web and Desktop support in Flutter

If your goal with Flutter is just to build apps for Android and iOS, then you can disable web and desktop-related things. This makes your projects a little cleaner and lighter.



In order to disable web in your future projects, execute this command:Advertisements

flutter config --no-enable-web

You will see:

Setting "enable-web" value to "false".

From now on, your NEW projects will not have a folder named “web”:


To disable macOS, Windows, and Linux all at once, run:

flutter config --no-enable-macos-desktop --no-enable-windows-desktop --no-enable-linux-desktop


Setting "enable-linux-desktop" value to "false".
Setting "enable-macos-desktop" value to "false".
Setting "enable-windows-desktop" value to "false".

If you want to disable it separately for each operating system, try the following commands.


flutter config --no-enable-macos-desktop


flutter config --no-enable-windows-desktop


flutter config --no-enable-linux-desktop

You can see more options and flags by running:

flutter config

To make sure everything works as expected, you should restart all of your open code editors (VS Code, Notepad, etc).

What if you want to enable Web and Desktop again?

If one day you want to make a web app with Flutter, you can enable it again by running:

flutter config --enable-web

The same goes for the desktop stuff:

flutter config --enable-macos-desktop
flutter config --enable-windows-desktop
flutter config --enable-linux-desktop


You’ve explored how to get rid of web and desktop stuff when creating a new Flutter project. Keep the ball rolling and continue learning more fascinating things by reading also:

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