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How the Diversity Center supports youth, school programming in Northeast Ohio – Cleveland 19 News

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – The Diversity Center on Saturday morning hosted its 20th annual Walk, Rock, Roll, & Run.
Leaders said the organization is committed to wiping out antisemitism and bigotry from our community.
This event helps support that through funding the center’s school and youth programming in Northeast Ohio.
For sisters Cheryl and Marsha Scott, this is more than just a race. It’s about educating the next generation.
“Cleveland is a diverse community, and we have so many different ethnic backgrounds, businesses, jobs and religions,” Cheryl Scott said.
“Life is too short,” Marsha Scott said. “You gotta do something, you gotta do it in a hurry, and when you got somebody to do it with like your sister, it’s rewarding it’s encouraging. It’s eventful!”
More than 1,500 people took part in the race.
Because of the run, schools can give students learning and resources that they might not be able to afford without the funds raised.
“It just means people getting along, everybody working together, being together,” first-time racer Maryanne Gieser said of diversity.
In the end, the race stands for one thing: Building an inclusive community where everyone can thrive.
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