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How Did I Become A Full-Stack Engineer At The Age Of 16? – Medium

Oct 22
Well, it’s a long story, so I’ll try to make it as short as possible. I started at the age of 11 (don’t be so shocked), as a young gamer, I always had a passion for understanding how games actually worked, so after several months, I tried to explore it, and found an infinite world that calls the WEB.
I really liked exploring and did the same for the entire week. In that week, I found out what programming really is and how it works behind the scenes, how hard programming is, and which skills you need to learn it. My advantage was self-learning, I used to learn everything on my own every time instead of requiring a teacher or anything else which consumes time and money.
So I decided to learn programming languages at the age of 11, just as a hobby. I used to go to my mini-office at home right after school and learn programming languages instead of playing games as I used to do before. By the end of the year, I already built some games or landing pages using HTML, CSS, and JS, just for fun.
I started to learn computer science in high school at the age of 16, but, decided to get an exemption by developing a fully-working app for driving theory test simulation, and came only for tests.
Before the development, I learned a few technologies from good sources, such as FreeCodeCamp, Laracasts, Udemy, Vue Mastery, Youtube, books, and much more. Learned technologies such as Laravel, Node, Vue.js, React, Angular, Java, Python and etc. I found out that I really like to learn more and more, but never really built something using them… until I had a huge motivation because of the exemption.
At this age, I’ve been trying to simulate the driving theory test through outdated apps that were on the web, and that’s how I found the first problem I wanna solve, those apps were outdated, slow, with a bad interface, so I decided to solve it using my knowledge.
Firstly, I thought about the advantages of the app:
Started developing my only first app at this time, I found out the potential of the app, which is getting clients out of it, so I decided to upload it to a production environment (and still up to this day, you can check it up — testly).
The full potential of the application was to attract clients’ attention, and it really did the job, as my only first web application, it worked successfully, and I found that while you’re getting the job done, nobody will care about your age.
So, right after it, I‘ve taken full-stack freelance jobs through social media such as Facebook, Linkedin, Discord, and so forth.
Thank you for reading my biography, I hope this article would help you in any possible way!

Full-Stack Engineer @axonius
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Full-Stack Engineer @axonius


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